The Central Junior Camp
By Christo Peters - Mon 28 Mar 2022 1:41pm
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The Lower North Island/Central regional training camp was based in the Wairarapa, giving the group opportunities to work on establishing and extending fundamental techniques on a wide variety of terrain. Coaching from Briana Steven, Joe Lynch, Kaia Jorgensen and Simon Teesdale allowed us to break the group into three cohorts based on experience and skills to be developed. 

Day 1 on Riverside allowed us to explore compass and contours. The negative terrain created by old river beds to work on compass work. The hills allowed us to do relocation and route choice. The day finished with building this up to working at speed on a maze race testing the ability to link features and make choices at speed. 

Day 2 on Mingimingi/Glenlean took us into steep forest, rock features and farmland – testing route choices, and proving that straight is not always great! Pushing contour recognition, attack point choices and speed in farmland microsprint kept the day varied.

Students at Junior Camp 2021

Day 3 on Hapua Wetlands compiled the learnings from the earlier days, adding flow through the terrain on some intricate contour sections, control picking, and culminating in a classic “flying mile”. 

The final day of camp was back in Wellington for sprint training on the (in)famous Victoria University map’s intricate building detail and a 1000-steps. 

Junior Camp Terrain

Big thanks to the coaching team of Briana, Joe, Kaia, and Simon, and to Lara Molloy who helped plan training from Auckland in lockdown. Also to the parent team of Erik, Jacqui, Jo, and Peter and to all those who attempted to wrestle Orienteering Wellington’s irrepressible toilet tent.

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