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By ONZ Online Coordinator - Roger Woodroofe - Mon 5 Jan 2015 1:31am
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Oceania2015 Sprint - Gene

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“On the 2nd of January we ran the World Cup sprint race qualification at Cataract Gorge, and on the 3rd the sprint final at the University of Tasmania both here in Launceston. The NZ team overall had disappointing results in the men with our top sprinter, Tim Robertson, missing out on qualifying and Nick Hann miss-punching. Cam Tier, Shamus Morrison, Thomas Reynolds and myself all ran well enough to make the final. All our girls made a sprint final with Lizzie Ingham our top qualifier.

I thought this was a fun race on some different terrain. It wasn’t super hard which was expected given that it was just the qualification. You can see the map below and thankfully we had a map flip because this version is extremely cluttered. My route isn’t on there because it’s too messy to draw on one page…”

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