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Edwardo Cutz
By JWOC-2015 - Wed 1 Jul 2015 8:06am
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As the second day’s training in Rauland came to a close Tim Robertson decided he needed a haircut. But where, in a ski town, in summer you might ask. He didn’t get one in Oslo as they were 500 NOK ($100 NZD). This greatly inspired me to open Edwardo Cutz, the only (affordable) hair salon in Rualand… and possibly Norway. The last time Tim had his hair cut, it was done with a pair of normal scissors, by his girlfriends mum, in the dark. Which is of course not a bad thing, it was just my challenge to do better.

Anna had bought Tim a haircut starter pack… which was completely unused. So I grabbed the tools and headed outside to begin. Tim knew he didn’t want anything off the top. Which was lucky for me, as I had no idea how to use scissors properly on hair. So I was just using the clippers on the sides and the back. My assistants (Kayla, Katie, & Dani + ‘you tube’ clips) and I started with a modest 4 (or 22mm) clippers just to take the bulk away from the back and sides, however we soon realized that it was still too long so we did it again with a 3 (or 18 mm). At this point the bottom of the back looked but Tim wanted to fade the sides and the back into the top. It was at this moment I knew that this was going to be the hardest job of my career. I had used the clippers with ease up the sides and back up until this point. What I decided to do was stop about 2cm below the parting and then use a comb and the clippers on 0 to fade the top into the sides.


Eyeing up the parting


Starting on the clippers











Thankfully this worked and the fade looked pretty good… apart from this one point where I forgot to shave between heartbeats and I took a bit too much off. But we won’t talk about that. So good it was, that I had second customer the next day.

The finished product

The finished product

Shamus Morrison wanted a similar haircut to Tim’s (short on the sides and longer on the top) but this cut was far more difficult as Shamus’ hair was much longer than Tim’s. But nevertheless, I pursued in my quest to not give up.

"Is this a wise idea?"

“Is this a wise idea?”

Maybe not!

Maybe not!

My team and I started with a 4 up the sides and back until we got to about half way up, at this point Shamus said he wanted it to be longer and have even more of a fade to the top than Tim’s. It was hard, but with careful use of a comb and clippers we managed to pull it off in style. Shamus walked back into the house with a huge smile on his face knowing he was the flyest guy in the room.

'Flyest guy' in town

‘Flyest guy’ in town

And so Edwardo Cutz successfully finished another cut and closed for the day, eagerly awaiting its next customer.

Stylist: Edwardo Cutz

Stylist: Edwardo Cutz

About Contributor: JWOC-2015

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