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MTBO Starters
Middle Distance Final - 09/07/2015 03:18
By JWOC-2015

Yesterday was the middle distance final for the men and women. The day begun with the B and C finals, for those who finished outside of the top 20 in yesterdays qualification. We had the majority of the team in these finals, whilst Devon, Shamus and Tim managed successful qualifications into the A final. I […]

JWOC Sprint Medal Holders
The most successful men’s JWOC sprint orienteer – ever (plus the rest of us) - 07/07/2015 06:59
By JWOC-2015

Tim Robertson has written his name well and truly into the history books of orienteering, with a stellar run into GOLD in the sprint distance held today in Åmot. On a course that proved to be physically challenging, with difficult route choice legs, Tim ran away from the field, leading from start to finish, to […]

Sprint Simulation - 04/07/2015 08:08
By JWOC-2015

The sprint simulation was held at Krossen village. Norwegian sprintmaps are very  different to New Zealand because there aren’t  any close together buildings or tight alleyways. Most buildings are single houses with no fence so is often hard to tell what is out of bounds. We started off on a suburban road but could cut in between houses through the […]

Edwardo Cutz - 01/07/2015 08:06
By JWOC-2015

As the second day’s training in Rauland came to a close Tim Robertson decided he needed a haircut. But where, in a ski town, in summer you might ask.

JWOC Long Distance Simulation – Sauraai - 01/07/2015 06:47
By JWOC-2015

On a stunning day in Rauland we headed out to one of the nicest maps of the area for our Long Distance Simulation Race.

JWOC Blog 8 – News from Norway - 30/06/2015 01:06
By JWOC-2015

Before meeting up with the team in Oslo, Dani, Kayla, Tommy, Devon and I had a couple of days in Sweden in the small town of Lund. We were able to find a sprint map close to where we were staying, which consisted of buildings and small patches of forest which helped us recover from […]

JWOC Blog 7 – News from Northwest - 11/06/2015 07:30
By JWOC-2015

photo: Tommy, Alice and I fundraising at a rogaine It is less than a month out till JWOC, and it seems crazy how quickly time has flown from trials (which I ended up just watching), to nationals, to now! I cannot believe how soon it actually is, and whilst I am very nervous, the experience I gained […]

JWOC Blog 6 – Queens Birthday - 04/06/2015 12:47
By JWOC-2015

Last weekend was the JAFA 3-day Queens Birthday event held by the North-West orienteering club, the last decent tune-up event before most of us leave for Norway in about 3 weeks’ time. Excitingly the Australians had also sent across a team to compete in the event so it was nice to catch up with lots […]

GRAM map
JWOC Blog 5 – Weekend Adventures on the Mainland - 27/05/2015 12:03
By JWOC-2015

The JWOC crew down in Christchurch have been busy. Competing in both the Geraldine Rogaine Autumn Muster (GRAM) 6 hour last weekend and the Mt Isobel Challenge on the 23rd.

Shamus Morrison
JWOC 2015 blog post 4 – The Moose - 15/05/2015 09:52
By JWOC-2015

My training build up for JWOC has been a bit harder mentally this year so far than in previous years. Over a month ago was nationals; I had been training well and was feeling confident in how my fitness and navigation had been progressing. After results from nationals which I could be content with I […]

JWOC Blog Post 3- Sonia Hollands - 13/05/2015 02:27
By JWOC-2015

Another adventure in foreign terrain has once again begun, since JWOC trials in March time has flew by in a blink of an eye and with only 7 weeks till my departure every training session will count and benefit me.

JWOC 2015 blog post 2 – Cameron Tier - 11/05/2015 11:00
By JWOC-2015

Maybe the course director had a point when he said Engineering was full time degree. I even laughed complacently at the 40hours of study he recommended a week whilst thinking of the pedestrian effort I put in last year. 7 weeks later and I think he may have had a point…Just look how long it’s […]

JWOC 2015 Blog Post 1 – Tim Robertson - 29/04/2015 10:30
By JWOC-2015

Photo Credit:  Foto: Carsten Nøhr Nielsen / Frame The Action After returning home from a four month trip to Europe last year with no plans of what I wanted to do this year, (let alone my future!) I knew I had some serious planning to do. I didn’t want to jump straight into university like […]