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Southern O Week interviews Nick Hann
By Nick Smith - Tue 15 Dec 2015 6:14pm
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Nick Hann is one of New Zealand’s top orienteers winning the men’s elite grade in both middle and long distance at this year’s national champs. Nick will definitely be one to beat at Southern O Week, and here we catch up to him to find out how his orienteering is going.


1) In 2014 you finished up your last year as a junior with some top results at JWOC in Bulgaria. Are you happy with how your time as a junior went? It seems like you have managed your progression over the last few years really well?

Yes, I am very happy with the 5th place in the Middle Distance, and to have been part of the relay team that secured 6th. It was so great of Brodie to stop his race to cheer me on coming into the finish of the relay, I think that little boost really helped! I feel the progression has been quite good, but it has been most helpful to have had Tim there all years I was at JWOC. Training back home with him and then competing against him was great for motivation and to track progress.

Read the full interview at https://sow.nz/news/interview-with-nick-hann/ 



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