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Nick Smith
Perfect Flow: The Tim Robertson Story - 04/08/2018 11:12
By Nick Smith

Gene Beveridge chats to NZ sprint star Tim Robertson about how he went from running his first World Champs in 2012 (at the age just 16!) to now being one of the favorites for a medal six years later.

Selection Policy Review - 30/08/2016 10:46
By Nick Smith

As you may or may not have realised, Orienteering NZ’s selection policy is currently under review and a draft has been put out for comment (See https://www.orienteering.org.nz/resources/policies/). In the interests of starting some discussion on the matter (albiet slightly late in the piece given submissions close on the 1st Sept), and to highlight some of the […]

In reply to the Board on JWOC and Schools Eligibility - 01/05/2016 01:33
By Nick Smith

In reply to the Board on the rationale for the exclusion of JWOC members from the New Zealand Secondary Schools Team   Edit 2/05/2016  Subsequent to publication it has come to my attention that the proposal to exclude JWOC runners from the Schools Team was actually included as a recommendation as part of the High […]

Southern O Week interviews Nick Hann - 15/12/2015 06:14
By Nick Smith

Nick Hann is one of New Zealand’s top orienteers winning the men’s elite grade in both middle and long distance at this year’s national champs. Nick will definitely be one to beat at Southern O Week, and here we catch up to him to find out how his orienteering is going.   1) In 2014 you finished […]

Southern Orienteering Week 2016 18th-24th January 2016 - 23/09/2015 05:59
By Nick Smith

We invite everyone to take part in a week of spectacular orienteering in the South Island at Southern Orienteering Week 2016. Six events spread across a diverse range of terrains including spectacular

Athlete Development Interviews: Lizzie, Tim and Matt - 23/06/2015 10:13
By Nick Smith

Some of our top athletes, Lizzie Ingham, Tim Robertson and Matt Ogden are asked a few questions about how they have progressed from starting out at orienteering to competing on the world stage.

Athlete Development Pathways in Orienteering – Nick Smith - 26/05/2015 08:15
By Nick Smith

A look at what some other countries are doing in the area of Athlete Development