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By Christo Peters - Mon 25 Mar 2024 8:26pm

The IOF Mapping Committee has recently released updates to ISOM and ISSOM. The updates are valid from 1st February 2024 but are not mandatory until 1st January 2025. They are available on the IOF website via the link at the bottom of the article. 

All maps for major events in New Zealand must meet this new standard from 1 January 2025 (including Oceania). There is no requirement to update competition maps for 2024, but you should (as always) specify in your Bulletin and on the Map, the revision number of the mapping specification used. 

As always, clubs should consider updating their club maps to the latest specification especially to support their members who wish to compete at national level. The Mapping Committee tends to be pragmatic in that we think that clubs should adopt a policy that works for each club as to what revision they adopt, provided this is communicated to members. However, we strongly suggest that where a map is to be used in a competition that involves more than one club, then all clubs should agree to the mapping specification to be used in that competition (eg. Regional OY, interclub relay).

But back to the latest revision, if you want a full list of changes to the documents then you need to consult the errata table at the end of the document. Most of the amendments seem to be wording to provide a more detailed definition as well as changes to minimum size of symbol and thickness of lines. There are a few new symbols to consider too:

ISOM 2017-2 Revision 6 January 2024

105.2 Retaining earth wall
203.2 Dangerous pit
715 Continuing point after map exchange

ISSOM 2019-2 Revision 6 January 2024

105.2 Retaining earth wall
533 Area with obstacles
715 Continuing point after map exchange

For those working in OCAD, when you start a new project it automatically gives you the option of using the updated symbol set. For those who work in OOM, go to and search for issue 2032 for ISOM and 1037 for ISSOM.Interestingly the IOF Map Commission has proposed that Revision 6 to be the last for ISOM2017-2 and focus on preparing for ISOM2030 with a new standard for ISSOM to follow 2 to 3 years after that. This is going to the full IOF Council for consideration.
Link to symbol example above here
Update from Michael Croxford, Mapping Committee Chair

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