EYOC  |Szcezecin, Poland | 22-24 June 
By Christo Peters - Mon 1 Jul 2024 8:33pm
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EYOC  |Szcezecin, Poland | 22-24 June 

From June 22nd to 24th, fourteen young New Zealand athletes travelled to Poland to participate in the European Youth Orienteering Championships.

On Saturday, June 22nd, the competition kicked off with the long-distance event. Rachel Baker and Tide Fa’avae both achieved commendable results, placing 18th and 20th respectively in the W18 category. Eddie Swain led the M18 category for our team, finishing in 35th place, closely followed by Jake McLellan, who secured 45th place, just one minute and 16 seconds behind Eddie.

The following day, Sunday, June 23rd, the sprint competition was held in Szczecin urban township. The course planners designed challenging routes that demanded quick decision-making. Our team had varied experiences throughout the day, with some challenges encountered by the M16 age group which resulted in lots of mispunches,which affected only one of our athletes in M16. In the W18 category, Anna Babington led our team with a 23rd place finish, closely followed by Rachel Baker, only 4 seconds behind in 26th place.

On Monday, June 24th, the relay event concluded the European Youth Championships. All Kiwi athletes participated in teams, with some competing in non-competitive mixed teams. Once again, the W18 NZL team excelled, achieving 10th place overall, while the M18 NZL team secured the 18th spot. The event was marked by unique challenges, including sandy terrain in the arena and one memorable moment was hearing about Finnish athlete’s shoe falling off multiple times before sprinting to the finish line with it in hand.

Special thanks go to the team managers and everyone who supported the athletes in their journey to Poland and throughout the competition.

Long event –  22 June 2024

74th William Wood 1:14:52 +29:27
97th Tim Bacchus 1:37:15 +51:50

48th Niamh Hoare 1:06:51 +20:33
65th Orla Hoare 1:18:14 +31:56
74th Saffron Moaveni 1:25:54 +39:36
78th Ami McGowan 1:29:01 +42:43

35th Eddie Swain 1:04:53 +10:24
45th Jake McLellan 1:06:09 +11:40
76th Matthew Greenwood 1:15:11 +20:42
93rd Sam Carryer 1:24:47 +30:18

18th Rachel Baker 1:07:21 +13:31
20th Tide Fa’avae 1:08:02 +14:12
44th Phoebe Hunt 1:16:59 +23:09
56th Anna Babington 1:21:51 +28:01

Sprint – 23 June 2024

59th Tim Bacchus 14:38 +3:38
MP William Wood

37th Orla Hoare 14:14 +2:31
51st Niamh Hoare 14:42 +2:59
63rd Saffron Moaveni 15:01 +3:18
70th Ami McGowan 15:38 +3:55

45th Jake McLellan 13:37 +1:52
58th Eddie Swain 14:01 +2:16
81st Matthew Greenwood 15:08  
90th Sam Carryer 15:27 +3:42

23rd Anna Babington 13:20 +1:46  
26th Rachel Baker 13:24 +1:50  
27th Phoebe Hunt 13:26 +1:52
61st Tide Faavae 14:40 +3:06 Relay – 24June 2024
William Wood mp, second runner 
Tim Bacchus 54:54, third runner  

NZL team 17th  3:07:05
Niamh Hoare 48:36 
Orla Hoare 1:01:49 
Saffron Moaveni 1:16:40 

NC Mix 3 team, 2:13:40
Ami McGowan 52:29, secondrunner 

ZL team 18th  2:26:56
Eddie Swain 51:41 
Matthew Greenwood 50:55 
Jake McLellan 44:20 

Mix 3 dnf
Sam Carryer 47:52, secondrunner 

10th NZL  2:14:18
Tide Faavae 48:03  
Phoebe Hunt 42:05  
Rachel Baker 44:10  

MIX AUS/NZ 2:23:36
Milla Key 50:58 29
Erika Enderby 46:53 14
Anna Babington 45:45 13

Watch the official EYOC video here

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