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2019 Orienteering NZ Junior Camp – Applications Reopened
By ONZ Online Coordinator - Roger Woodroofe - Thu 24 Oct 2019 11:31am
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Orienteering NZ Junior Camp – Sunday 15 – Friday 20 December 2019

Location – Wesley College, Pukekohe

Supported by Counties Manukau Orienteering Club

Registrations reopen for a limited time

We are reopening applications for the Junior Camp as we have a few spaces left, and we would like to give those that haven’t applied a chance to take advantage of this opportunity to be selected.
Note that being a college student is not a strict criterion this year.The focus of this camp is on the training needs for M/W 14/16 Red (and experienced Orange) orienteers, giving these young orienteers the best training opportunity we can.

2019 Junior Camp Selection Criteria Priorities:

  1. M/W 14/16
  2. Those that compete at Red or Orange (experienced) course level
  3. Those who have represented NZ in a Schools Team or Invitational Team
  4. Those who have represented their club at National Championships

The maximum number of athletes for the camp has been set at 80. Applicants must be a member of an ONZ affiliated club.

If you are running just orange courses, then the focus for you is to start challenging yourself to run harder courses with the aim of red courses during 2020 and beyond.

Costs are still to be confirmed, dependent on funding applications.

Application cut-off date for this extension is Sunday 27 October 2019.

Junior Camp Registration


View the list of juniors who are attending

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