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Call for applications for JWOC Training Squad Coach and JWOC Travelling Coach
By Christo Peters - Tue 28 Nov 2023 6:32pm

JWOC Training Squad Coach

Following the closure of nominations for the 2024 JWOC team on 20 January 2024, all nominees will be named as part of a JWOC training squad. Orienteering New Zealand now invites applications for the position of coach of that squad. This position will be responsible for training this squad until April when the full JWOC coach will take over the roll as coach following the selection of the 2024 JWOC Team.

The appointee will be expected to assist the athletes by

  • Liaising with squad members over the setting of suitable training programmes and intermediate goals
  • Monitor and advise on the progress of training
  • Attend, if possible, all JWOC trials – expenses will be reimbursed by ONZ
  • After selection of the team, work with team members to further their preparation for JWOC

There is no assumption that the appointee will be the travelling coach for JWOC. Applications for that position will be called for in early 2024.

Travelling JWOC Coach

The JWOC Travelling Coach is to lead athlete training and preparation as well as coach the NZ representative team to perform to the best of their ability at JWOC. This role will take over from the position of JWOC Training Coach in April following the selection of the team. Applicants are encouraged to apply for both positions.

A full job description for the Travelling JWOC Coach (JWOC Coach) can be found here.

Applications should detail candidate suitability and experience and must be received by ONZ’s General Manager by Friday 12th January 2024. Application should be sent to gm@orienteering.org.nz

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