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High Performance News #2 – February 2015
By Malcolm Ingham - Fri 20 Feb 2015 8:41pm
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Well, so far so good. I was hoping to produce a HP News every month and I’ve managed to keep to that for 1 month at least.

First thanks to those of you who have already made comments on the draft HP Strategic Plan. There have been some good suggestions about a domestic qualification criterion for the senior squad, and on organization of regional training groups. These will be incorporated in the final document. There is still time to give feedback, at least until this coming Sunday (22nd) February 2015.

As well as a brief summary of the SuperSeries results from Tour de Peninsula, below you will find information on the JWOC Trials and Round 2 of the SS, the Nationals, training camps, and updated anti-doping rules recently posted on the OrienteeringNZ website.

Malcolm Ingham (mandg.ingham@xtra.co.nz)

SuperSeries Round 1 – Tour de Peninsula

A big thank you to PAPO for a great long weekend of racing on and around Banks Peninsula. The SuperSeries races were Ferrymead, Diamond Harbour (the Chris special!) and Lincoln University. The full results for the complete Tour are of course on the PAPO website (papo.org.nz) and the complete SuperSeries results are on orienteering.org.nz.

A summary of the SuperSeries results for M21 and W21 is below. Matt and Nick almost made it a complete shut-out in M21, with Laura and Renee dominating W21, but it was great to see some of the juniors figuring prominently – Tommy, Shamus, Danielle and Kayla in particular (but not exclusively). Congratulations to Marion also for becoming an honorary New Zealander by joining North West! One thing the points make clear is the premium on a high placing, with gaps of 20 points between 1st and 2nd and between 2nd and 3rd, but much smaller points advantages per place further down the field.


M21: 1. Matt Ogden (NW) 13:35, 2. Nick Hann (W) 14:09, 3. Chris Forne (PP) 14:41, 4. Tane Cambridge (PP) 15:08, 5. Ed Cory-Wright (PP) 15:16, 6. Tommy Hayes (A) 15:21, 7. Shamus Morrison (W) 15:23, 8. Nick Smith (PP) 15:25, 9. Cameron Tier (NW) 15:41, 10. Gene Beveridge (NW) 15:51.

W21: 1. Laura Roberston (HV) 14:38, 2. Renee Beveridge (NW) 14:50, 3. Marion Aebi (NW) 14:58, 4. Georgia Whitla (PP) 15:08, 5. Imogene Scott (NW) 15:13, 6. Kayla Fairbairn (NW) 15:21, 7. Danielle Goodall (CM) 15:32, 8. Lara Prince (PP) 15:58, 9. Selena Metherall (PP) 16:45, 10. Sophie Harrison (PP) 17:31.

Diamond Harbour

M21: 1. Nick Hann 28:59, 2. Matt Ogden 29:37, 3. Tommy Hayes 33:52, 4. Cameron Tier 34:11, 5. Tane Cambridge 33:42, 6. Duncan Morrison (HB) 34:44, 7. Matt Goodall (CM) 35:48, 8. Nick Smith 36:10,  9. Shamus Morrison 36:31, 10. Alistair Richardson (PP) 36:59.

W21: 1. Renee Beveridge 35:29, 2. Laura Robertson 37:37, 3. Marion Aebi 38:53, 4. Danielle Goodall 39:38, 5. Katie Cory-Wright (PP) 40:30, 6. Kayla Fairbairn 40:37, 7. Imogene Scott 41:03, 8. Lara Prince 41:46, 9. Emily Forne (PP) 43:01, 10. Steph Harding (W) 43:07.

Lincoln University

M21: 1. Matt Ogden 15:23, 2. Shamus Morrison 16:18, 3. Gene Beveridge 16:28, 4. Matt Goodall 16:34, 5. Alistair Richardson 16:51, 6. Ed Cory-Wright 16:55, 7. Duncan Morrison 17:07, 8. Chris Forne 17:25, 9=. Tane Cambridge 17:43, 10=. Tommy Hayes 18:01, 10=. Ryan Williams (A) 18:01.

W21: 1. Laura Roberston 14:49, 2. Danielle Goodall 16:08, 3. Marion Aebi 16:12, 4. Renee Beveridge 16:16, 5. Imogene Scott 16:19, 6. Kayla Fairbairn 16:32, 7. Lara Prince 17:56, 8. Sassafrazz Marshall-Johnson (T) 19:19, 9. Catherine Andrew (A) 19:49, 10. Lauren Holmes (NW) 19:52.

Points standings after 3 races:

M21: 1. Matt Ogden 280, 2. Nick Hann 180, 3. Shamus Morrison 150, 4. Tommy Hayes 131, 5. Tane Cambridge 128, 6. Gene Beveridge 119, 7. Matt Goodall 116, 8. Ed Cory-Wright 115, 9. Duncan Morrison 107, 10. Alister Richardson 101.

W21: 1. Laura Roberston 280, 2. Renee Beveridge 230, 3. Marion Aebi 180, 4. Danielle Goodall 167, 5. Imogene Scott 127, 6. Kayla Fairbairn 120, 7. Lara Prince 107, 8. Katie Cory-Wright 105, 9=. Sassafrazz Marshall-Johnson 91, 9= Catherine Andrew 91.

JWOC Trials/SuperSeries Round 2

The second round of the SuperSeries will be held in association with the JWOC Trials over the weekend of 21/22 March. All three races are within 15 km of Masterton. The details of the three races are as follows.

  • Saturday 21 March: Middle Distance – Riverside,
    • Scale 1:10000, 5m contour interval.
    • Planner/Controller: Malcolm Ingham/Gillian Ingham
    • Terrain: 50% hill country with some scattered rock, 50% river flats containing numerous gullies and depressions, largely open but scattered tree cover.
    • Start times: JWOC trials from 11am; SuperSeries from 12pm; WOA OY from 1pm.
  • Saturday 21 March:  Sprint Distance – Rathkeale College,
    • Scale 1:4000, 2m contour interval.
    • Planner/Controller: Susan Edwards/Bill Edwards
    • Terrain: typical school grounds with complex buildings, playing fields and an area of native bush.
    • Start times: from 4pm.
  • Sunday 22 March: Long Distance – Hapua,
    • Scale 1:15000, 5m contour interval
    • Planner/Controller: Gillian Ingham/Malcolm Ingham
    • Terrain: rolling to steep hill country with mainly scattered vegetation but areas of detailed contours and native vegetation.
    • Start times: JWOC trials from 9.30am, SuperSeries and WOA OY from 10.30am.

The trial races and the SuperSeries will run the same courses, so trialists will qualify for SuperSeries points.

Masterton has numerous motels. A cheaper option for accommodation is provided by Mawley Park (http://www.mawleypark.co.nz/accommodation-masterton.html) which certainly seems to have upgraded since I was last there.

Web based entry should be available shortly for both the trials and the SuperSeries at www.wn.orienteering.org.nz. Alternatively email your entry to mandg.ingham@xtra.co.nz including whether it is for the JWOC trials or the SuperSeries and including your SI number.

Nationals and WOC Trials

The trial races for WOC2015 in Inverness are at the Nationals at Easter (www.cmoc.co.nz) . The middle and long on new rocky maps south of the Waikato River mouth sound brilliant, while the sprint will be on a new map of Kings and Otahuhu Colleges. Note: entries close on Friday 6 March, so get yours in early.

Although the official call for WOC availability has not yet gone out, can those of you wishing to be considered for selection, if you have not already done so, please email me mandg.ingham@xtra.co.nz and copy it to Bill Edwards (bill.edwards@machineworks.com) and Al Cory-Wright (jean.al@xtra.co.nz). If you are interested in Round 2 of the World Cup, to be held in Norway and Sweden at the beginning of June it is also worth flagging that to us as well.

Training Camps

At this stage it looks unlikely that there will be training camp at Easter. However, two other camps are in the process of being organized.

Duncan Morrison is looking at having a sprint training camp in Hawkes Bay over Anzac weekend (25-27 April). With the inclusion of sprint relays at many international events and the addition of a sprint race at the schools champs, this is a camp well worth considering attending. More details will follow later.

It is also likely that there will be a training camp using Woodhill Forest in the week leading up to the Queens Birthday 3-day. This will hopefully be between away and home Pinestars v Bushrangers Test Matches at both senior and junior level. Again, more details to follow.

Updated Anti-doping Information

Orienteering NZ has updated its anti-doping information to reflect the latest rules which came into effect at the start of 2015. To view the updated details visit https://www.orienteering.org.nz/anti-doping-information/ The anti-doping information provides general information for members on anti-doping. It includes details on:

  • sports anti-doping rules
  • changes to the 2015 Code
  • medications and supplements checks
  • TUEs and whereabouts programme
  • doping control.

Links to the new Drug Free Sport New Zealand website and resources are included.

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