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High Performance News #1 – January 2015
By Malcolm Ingham - Fri 16 Jan 2015 10:22pm
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ONZ News

ONZ High Performance News

January 2015

Welcome to what I hope will be the first of a regular update on high performance issues for New Zealand orienteering. In my new role as HP Leader my immediate focus will be on producing a plan to further improve and develop orienteering at the top level in New Zealand. This will include redeveloping the high performance structure so that clear pathways exist from top school orienteers, through JWOC, to the elite level, and possibly even beyond into the realm of the World Masters. A start has been made on this through a series of meetings with the New Zealand team at the recent World Cup events in Tasmania where many ideas and desires were expressed. Any resulting plan will, of course, only be effective if those it is intended for give it their backing. As a result I continue to welcome input from all interested parties. While in Tasmania many of us also took the opportunity to hear both the Swedish and Danish head coaches talk about the (very different!) high performance structures in these top orienteering nations. Along with the recently published Australian HP plan these will hopefully help us to formulate our own structure which best suits the realities and needs of New Zealand orienteering.

For now, however, there are a few immediate things that need to be reported.

 Malcolm Ingham


World Cup and Oceania 2015 – Tasmania

Most people will by now have seen the results from Round 1 of the 2015 IOF World Cup in Tasmania. From the New Zealand point of view there were both highs and lows. The low point was almost certainly the sprint, where we had hopes of top 10 finishes in both the Men’s and Women’s races. These evaporated in the heat of Launceston (>30 °C on both qualifying and final days) with really only Laura Robertson’s 18th place (and 2nd in Oceania) being of note, although Kayla Fairbairn’s 29th on her first outing at this level was highly commendable.

The disappointment of the sprint was quickly forgotten when Matt Ogden (13th) and Lizzie Ingham (12th) produced fabulous runs in the middle distance at Coles Bay. More importantly both Matt and Lizzie took out the Oceania titles which gives them automatic entry to the middle distance at WOC in Scotland in August, and thus now gives New Zealand 2 men and 3 women in this. There were also strong runs from Nick Hann (20th) and Laura (17th).

Oceania titles in the long distance at Transit Flat near St Helens would also have given WOC entry into this distance. However Lizzie (13th) came up 38s short, while a great run from Nick (22nd) saw him just over 2 minutes away from a WOC place. These were, nevertheless, excellent results. The men in fact had 4 in the top 30 – Matt (26th), Gene Beveridge (29th), Chris Forne (30th) – while Laura (29th) also made the top 30 in the women.

Congratulations also need to go to the members of the ANZ Challenge, and schools teams who competed. The schools team in particular was highly successful.

As manager my thanks go to all the team members who formed a very cohesive and supportive group and great to be with. The experienced members of the team can now take a short break before refocusing on WOC, others can be quietly satisfied that they performed commendably, while younger members of the team will now have a much clearer view of what is required to compete at this level. I would also like to make special mention of Rob Garden who did a lot of the early organizing of accommodation and transport, and was incredibly supportive throughout. Thanks Rob.

SuperSeries 2015

The 2015 SuperSeries will consist of the following 14 events run over 5 rounds.

Round 1 : Tour de Peninsula (PAPO – http://tourdepeninsula.weebly.com/)

  • Fri 6 February             Sprint              Ferrymead
  • Sat 7 February             Sprint              Diamond Harbour)
  • Sun 8 February            Sprint              Lincoln University

Round 2 : JWOC Trials (WOC – http://wn.orienteering.org.nz/)

  • Sat 21 March               Middle                        Riverside
  • Sat 21 March               Sprint              Rathkeale College
  • Sun 22 March              Long                Hapua Wetlands

Round 3: NZ Championships (CMOC – http://nationalchamps2015.cmoc.co.nz/)

  • Fri 3 April                   Sprint              Kings College and Otahuhu College
  • Sat 4 April                   Long                Goat City
  • Sun 5 April                  Middle                        The Rockery

Round 4: Canterbury Champs (PAPO – www.papo.org.nz)

  • Sat 10 May                  Long                Dalethorpe
  • Sun 11 May                 Long                Castle Hill/Gorge Hill

Round 5: Queens Birthday 3-day (NWOC – www.nworienteering.org.nz)

  • Sat 30 May                  Multi-day        Waioneke
  • Sun 31 May                 Middle                        Murawai/Pulpit Rock
  • Mon 1 June                 Multi-day        Otakanini Topu



  1. There will be both Senior (M/W21E) and Junior (M/W20) competitions. Where the Junior courses are the same as the Seniors, Juniors will also earn points in the Senior competition.
  2. The best 10 of the 14 events will count including a maximum of 4 sprint races.
  3. There will a separate sprint title  based on the best 4 races.
  4. Points will be allocated as per the World Cup: 1st – 100, 2nd – 80, 3rd – 60, 4th – 50, 5th – 45, 6th – 40, 7th – 37, 8th – 35, 9th – 33, 10th – 31, 11th -30, 12th – 29 etc.


JWOC Trails

In case you haven’t tracked it down on the ONZ website, the call for nominations for JWOC selection is below.


The Junior World Orienteering Championships for 2015 will be held in Rauland, Norway 4-10 July 2015.

Selection Criteria

The Selection Trail for the 2015 JWOC Team will be held in the Wairarapa 21-22 March 2015, hosted by the Wellington and Hutt Valley Orienteering Clubs [as per the Orienteering Policy G1 – Selection Policy approved December 2014].

3.1 The following selection criteria shall be applied by the respective Selection Panel when selecting a team.

3.2 The objective of selection is to select a team which is likely to produce the most successful results at the competition for which athletes are being selected. 

 3.3 Selection shall be either by performance in nominated selection trials or selection events when trials are deemed necessary, or Known Form (as defined in clause 3.5) if no trial is required. 

 3.4 Where selection is based on a trial and the trial course or event is invalidated, selection may be based on Known Form.

 3.5 Known Form will include the athlete’s recent performances in high standard events in New Zealand and/or overseas;  previous performance in New Zealand representative teams; and likely performance in the anticipated competition terrains.


Overseas-based athletes who are unable to return to New Zealand for the trial events will be judged on their Known Form.

All orienteer’s interested in selection for the 2015 JWOC team shall notify their interest, year of birth, and cell phone number to the General Manager by 31 January 2015


The actual details of the races will be published later after permissions have been finalised (note these will also be SuperSeries races), but in brief:

  • Sprint – Rathkeale College (last used WOA Sprint, October 2013).
  • Middle – Riverside (eroded river flats with higher areas, mainly open, some rock – last used a long time ago).
  • Long – Hapua Wetlands (steep hill country with eroded terrain and native bush – last used World Cup Trial, December 2012).

All these maps are within 15-20 minutes drive of Masterton which is the preferred accommodation centre.


IOF Eventor and World Ranking Events

Also from the ONZ website, and which many of you may have missed, there is now a requirement for all athletes who wish to compete in WREs to be listed on the IOF Eventor. Please see below.

All athletes that participate in World Ranking Events in any of the orienteering disciplines need to create themselves a user account in IOF Eventor before taking part in the event.

This is what to do: 

  1. Go to eventor.orienteering.org, and click on “Create user account”.
  2. Please choose the first option: “I am an athlete participating in events”.
  3. After filling in your information, if you have previously participated in WREs, IOF Eventor will ask you: “Are you this and this person”? You will then have to choose yourself on the list, and your account will be merged with your results.

The IOF Eventor User Guide for Athletes (PDF) can be downloaded from the IOF Eventor Help and Support page.

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