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By Malcolm Ingham - Tue 30 Jun 2015 9:45pm
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ONZ News

June has been a long month in orienteering terms, starting with Queen’s Birthday weekend, continuing into the World Cup races in Norway and Sweden, and then Jukola and Venla relays, and so on as the northern hemisphere season swings into full action. There have already been several reports on many of these events, so I won’t dwell on them unduly here and this will therefore be a relatively short newsletter. Suffice to say that now we await the major foci of 2015 – JWOC starting now in under a week, followed a few weeks later by WOC. Good luck to both NZL teams – do us proud (again!).

Malcolm Ingham

Queen’s Birthday

A great weekend put on by NWOC. As has already been detailed on the ONZ website, the Australian Bushrangers sneaked a close victory (285-280) over the Pinestars, with the final result going down to the very last grade to finish on the 3rd day. It’s not often (if ever) that the away team has won a test match, so there is plenty of incentive for revenge when the rematch comes at the Australian Champs.


Queen’s Birthday also saw the culmination of the SuperSeries for 2015. For those who missed the final results, the top 6 in each competition was as follows, with points totals.


1 Nick Hann 700
2 Gene Beveridge 675
3 Duncan Morrison 506
4 Shamus Morrison 467
5 Tommy Hayes 351
6 Alistair Richardson 328



1 Nick Smith 705
2 Matt Goodall 660
3 Devon Beckman 655
4 Cameron Tier 612
5 Ed Cory-Wright 545
6 Tommy Hayes 480



1 Renee Beveridge 890
2 Laura Robertson 750
3 Imogene Scott 467
4 Jenni Adams 387
5 Tessa Ramsden 382
6 Sarah O’Sullivan 356



1 Allice Tilley 820
2 Sophie Harrison 547
3 Danielle Goodall 540
4 Katie Cory-Wright 494
5= Kayla Fairbairn 440
5= Sonia Hollands 440


Congratulations to these and indeed to everyone who took part in the SuperSeries. A total of 74 men obtained points in M21E and  51 women in W21E.

Finally it was wonderful to see the number of juniors taking part in the Schools Challenge over Queen’s Birthday weekend. One of the likely positive spin-offs of having this event at QB is that many of these juniors will never have attended a national event before and had the opportunity to see at first hand the higher level of the sport. Hopefully this will prove a big incentive to progress.

Schools Team

The Schools Challenge at QB was also the trials for the NZL Schools Team for the Australian Schools Champs to be held in Victoria in late September/early October. Congratulations to the following who have been selected in this team.

Senior Boys

  • Callum Hill  (Whangarei Boys High School)
  • Ed Cory-Wright  (Cashmere High School, Christchurch)
  • Stephen Harding  (Geraldine High School)
  • Tommy Hayes  (Auckland Grammar)

Senior Girls

  • Danielle Goodall  (Thames High School)
  • Georgia Creagh  (Napier Girls High School)
  • Katie Cory-Wright  (Cashmere High School, Christchurch)
  • Lara Molloy  (Wellington Girls’ College)

Junior Boys

  • Calum Sutherland  (New Plymouth Boys High)
  • Daniel Monckton  (Long Bay College, Auckland)
  • Dominic Cleary  (Rangiora High School)
  • Tom Harding  (Geraldine High School)

Junior Girls

  • Briana Steven  (Cashmere High School, Christchurch)
  • Carolyne Nel  (Napier Girls High School)
  • Jenna Tidswell  (Havelock North High School)
  • Marisol Hunter   (Rangi Ruru Girls, Christchurch)

World Cup and more…

Congratulations also to Lizzie Ingham, Matt Ogden, Tim Robertson and Laura Robertson for their excellent 11th place finish in the World Cup Sprint Relay in Halden. This might have been even better had not Laura still been suffering/recovering from flu. Even so it bodes well for the WOC Sprint Relay in Scotland.

Matt and Lizzie also had very good results in the long, and particularly, the middle distances. Although places in the 40’s may not seem spectacular it needs to be remembered that in these World Cup races the Scandinavian countries and Switzerland had 8 runners each compared to the 3 that they are allowed at WOC.

Finally on the World Cup it was interesting to see that mistakes leading to invalidation can occur even at this level with the failure of SI-Air in the Sprint. Even more interesting was that the organizers have offered to refund entry fees for this race. Apart from this there were further comment on the Sprint on World of O where Tue Lassen complained about the standard of the map – basically too much detail and changes between crossable and uncrossable features.

Following the World Cup was Jukola/Venla. Congatulations to Matt again for his run in the OK Linne team that finished 4th in Jukola. Ross Morrison’s Rajamäen Rykmentti team were 58th, and Tim Robertson’s Fossum IF 70th. To counter this Lizzie had a disaster running for Halden OK in the Venla relay, suffering breathing problems all the way round the first leg and collapsing in the finish chute. Notwithstanding this mishap, the following weekend Lizzie and Laura both ran in the Schiehallion weekend in Scotland where laura was 1st and Lizzie 5th in a WRE Sprint at Bannockburn, Lizzie 10th in the following days WRE Middle which was heavily populated by the Finnish national team.

IOF Extraordinary General Meeting

As reported last month there will be an Extraordinary General Meeting of IOF during WOC to discuss and vote on the format for future WOCs. (Some) Details of the proposal have now been received.

“Council proposal to the IOF Extraordinary General Assembly:

Council proposes a reorganisation of the World Orienteering Championships (WOC) program, and to organise WOC every second year alternating with a Sprint WOC starting with WOC from year 2019


This proposal from Council is in response to the challenge of securing organisers for the existing World Championships program and feedback from the consultation round, by the IOF Competition Review Project group, with Federations and Expert Groups.

While it is acknowledged that the existing program is a suitable festival for our sport, there are major challenges. Feedback indicated that it is too demanding for most member Federations, including a number of our leading Federations, in terms of financial, organisational, TV and media requirements. In addition, the IOF is without an organiser for WOC in 2019.

In the light of this, accepting that the quality requirements for WOC should not be compromised, Council submits this proposal, to Federations for adoption, to reorganise the WOC program.

In keeping with the remit of the IOF Competition Review Project, as indicated at the 2014 IOF General Assembly, key changes to the competition program can be brought forward prior to the conclusion of the project in 2016. Because all subsequent proposals for the Review are likely to be contingent on, or influenced by this decision, the Council has decided that it is essential to bring this proposal forward to an Extraordinary General Assembly in Inverness.

Details of Proposal

Preliminary programme, participation rules

The proposal is based on following principles/guidelines:

WOC – 3 final events in 5 days

3 medal events

  • Middle Distance Final
  • Long Distance Final
  • Relay

1 qualification event


Middle and Long Distance:

  1. Maximum 3 + 3 participants per nation plus reigning World Champion, reigning Regional Champions and previous year World Cup overall winner pre-qualify for respective individual format final or qualification event if entered.
  2. All nations are guaranteed one starting place in both finals, if quality are fulfilled (number of WR points or finishing within calculated time limit at qualification event)
  3. Detailed qualification rules will be proposed at end of the Project in 2016

Relay Event:

  1. One team of three athletes per nation per gender in Relay Event.

Sprint WOC – 3 final events in 5 days

3 medal events

  • Sprint Distance
  • Sprint Relay
  • “A new format”

1 qualification event

– Qualification event for Sprint Distance


  1. Sprint Qualification event: 3 + 3 participants per nation plus reigning World Champion, reigning Regional Champions and previous year World Cup overall winner.
  2. Sprint Relay Event: 1 team per nation (2 women + 2 men)
  3. “A new format”: FootO Commission will be responsible for development

Start the model from year 2019

  • WOC will be organised in odd years (2019, 2021, etc.)
  • Sprint WOC will be organised in even years (2020, 2022, etc.)


  • It will be a less demanding total program for organisers – a maximum 5 day program consisting of three medal races and a qualification race during the WOC or Sprint WOC program.
  • Less variation in events in each WOC program should provide opportunities for improving overall event quality. It should make the organisation of WOC more attractive for federations due to less overall cost for event organisation.
  • Reduced total cost for participating federations in terms of accommodation and on ground costs for teams and total entry costs for each WOC program
  • Reinstate a qualification possibility for individual medal events in the WOC program (middle and long) through a qualification race format.
  • A Sprint WOC in even years gives more flexibility for the timing of a Sprint WOCin the Summer Olympic Games / Football World Cup years. This could also allow the IOF to look at opportunities to take the Sprint WOC into new locations if the right financial and organisational support levels were forthcoming.

Follow-on Consequences

  • New format for sprint WOC to be decided. The new format must be realistic for all nations to organise in their own competition program and must be attractivefor TV, media, athletes and spectators.
  • The new program will impact the high level IOF competition program – Regional Championships and World Cup. This needs to be analysed and a complete competition program proposal will be presented at the General Assembly in 2016.
  • An organiser needs to be secured for WOC 2019 by end of 2015. If the Council proposal is supported by the Extraordinary General Assembly then an application process for WOC 2019 with the new programme will start immediately.”

Al Cory-Wright and I  have been asked to attend on behalf of ONZ and to cast the NZL vote. There are some significant issues which still need to be clarified – largely to do with the qualification system. The proposal from IOF as it stands is reproduced below. If anyone has ideas/suggestions which might help please contact Al and myself.

JWOC Trials 2016

We are still seeking a suitable venue for JWOC Trails at the beginning of March 2016. Areas which might be regarded as a suitable preparation for Switzerland are sought. Please get in contact asap if your club has something suitable it is prepared to offer.

HP Plan

The revised HP plan is now with ONZ and, hopefully, will shortly be approved. The two main features are proposals regarding squads and training camps/groups. It is proposed that nationally selected Senior and Under 23 Squads should be selected each year to run from 1 October – 30 September. The choice of dates is to fit the major orienteering calendar, culminating with JWOC and WOC in the northern hemisphere summer, and, more locally with the Australian Champs. Beneath these levels there will be regional Junior squads largely aligned with Schools development.

It is also proposed to try and plan training camps well in advan ce. This should facilitate applications for funding which will enable a wider cross-section of athletes to attend.With this in mind the current proposal is that there will be national Senior/Under 23 camps in both late January and around Easter/Anzac Weekend. The national junior camp will continue in December. A feature of Senior/Under 23 squad membership will be the expectation that members will help with coaching and training at regional level.

For 2016 a camp in January is proposed in the South Island, while there will be one in the Manawatu/Horowhenua in the weekend leading up to Anzac Weekend 3-day event.

Coming up – what to watch

And so…to JWOC…..

JWOC Rauland, Norway  (http://www.jwoc2015.org/)

Sunday 5 July: Sprint Distance  (NZ time: from 9.00 pm)

Monday 6 July: Middle Distance Qualification (NZ time: from 9.30 pm)

Tuesday 7 July: Middle Distance Final (NZ time: A final from 10.00 pm)

Thursday 9 July: Long Distance (NZ time: from 7.00 pm)

Friday 10 July: Relay (NZ time: 7.00 pm Men, 8.20 pm Women)

As I leave for WOC on 24 July the next HP News will come out a bit early. Details for watching WOC will be in that.

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