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By Malcolm Ingham - Wed 8 Jul 2015 8:57am
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Familiarity with Norwegian terrain was the key in Tuesday’s JWOC Middle Distance Final with a sole Russian the only interloper as Scandinavian and Swiss filled almost all the top 10 places in both Men’s and Women’s races. New Zealand’s 3 representatives in the Men’s Final had mixed fortunes – solid runs from Shamus Morrison and Tim Roberston saw them finish in highly creditable 21st and 22nd places respectively only 3s apart, but Devon Beckman, who had a very early start, will be much less happy with his 56th place.

Outside the A Finals, Kayla Fairbairn produced a class run to win the Women’s B Final, following in the footsteps of Greta Knarston who did the same in 2007 in Australia. Danielle Goodall was only just behind in 3rd, while Tommy Hayes 7th place in the Men’s B Fibnal was also an excellent finish to a tough couple of days.

Men A Final: 1. Olli Ojanaho FIN 25:13, 2. Erik Andersson SWE 25:27, 3. Sven Hellmuller SUI 26:16, 4. Jonas Madslien Bakken NOR 26:22, 5. Audun Heimdal NOR 26:43, 6. Nikita Stepanov RUS 26:5, 21. Shamus Morrison NZL 29:37, 22. Tim Robertson NZL, 29:40, 56. Devon Beckman NZL 37:06

Women A Final: 1. Anine Ahlsand NOR 26:57,2. Johanna Oberg SWE 27:11, 3. Sandrine Mueller SUI 27:14, 4. Anna Haataja FIN 27:30, 5. Ingeborg Eide NOR 27:48, 6. Tilda Johansson SWE 27:55

Men B Final: 1. Quentin Rauturier FRA 25:42, 7. Tommy Hayes NZL 27:53, 13. Ed Cory-Wright NZL 29:10, 51. Nick Smith NZL 40:16

Women B Final: 1. Kayla Fairbairn NZL 27:44, 3. Danielle Goodall 29:48, 27. Alice Tilley NZL 37:48, 30. Katie Cory-Wright NZL 38:35, 54. Sonia Hollands NZL 51:13

Women C Final: 1. Melanie Sergiev USA  41:40, 7. Sophie Harrison NZL 46:12, 

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