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By Malcolm Ingham - Fri 10 Jul 2015 10:48pm
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The Kiwi #1 men’s team just failed to replicate last year’s podium finish coming in 12th place but as 7th nation just 24 seconds behind Switzerland. A steady first leg by Devon Beckman was followed by both Shamus Morrison and Tim Robertson moving  through the field, as many of the runners ahead made mistakes in the rocky areas after the arena passage. The second men’s team of Tommy Hayes, Nick Smith and Ed Cory-Wright also ran strongly finishing in 19th place overall. Both Kiwi teams were in fact very close together through legs 1 and 2.

In the women’s relay, where the lead changed hands several times on the final leg as team after team made mistakes, the top NZL women’s team of Danielle Goodall, Alice Tilley and Kayla Fairbairn also has an excellent result, avoiding the mistakes of those in front, and finishing in 14th place (11th nation). The second Kiwi team of Sonia Hollands, Sophie Harrison and Katie Cory-Wright came in 25th overall.

Men: 1. Finland 1;36:39, 2. Norway 1:38:02, 3. Sweden 1:38:21, 4. France 1:43;30, 5. Austria 1:44:07, 6. Switzerland 1:44:21, 7 (12 overall). New Zealand 1 (Devon Beckman 37:10, Shamus Morrison 34:54, Tim Robertson 34:41) 1:46:45,  (19 overall) New Zealand 2 (Tommy Hayes 36:51, Nick Smith 35:05, Ed Cory-Wright 40:10) 1:52:06.

Women: 1. Sweden 1:44:17, 2. Switzerland 1:47:04, 3. Norway 1:47:09, 4. Finalnd 1:49:57, 5. Poland 1:51:55, 6. Denmark 1:55:07, 11 (14 overall) New Zealand 1 (Danielle Goodall 37:27, Alice Tilley 45:07, Kayla Fairbairn 37:07), (25 overall) New Zealand 2 (Sonia Hollands 38:05, Sophie Harrison 47:42, Katie Cory-Wright 51:38) 2:17:35.

Overall, another fabulous JWOC for NZL. Before the relay the team were sitting in 9th place in the team competition – a wonderful result in some of the toughest terrain possible for JWOC – with only the elite European nations ahead of them!

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