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By Malcolm Ingham - Sun 6 Mar 2016 8:00pm

After the technical navigation amid the gorges of Smedley Station in yesterday’s middle distance, today’s long distance was much more about route choice around and across the gorges. In the women’s race, however, the result was the same – a nearly 10 minute win for Danielle Goodall. Sonia Hollands, after a disappointing middle came through strongly for 2nd place 5 minutes ahead of Alice Tilley. In the men, Shamus Morrison followed up yesterday’s 3rd place with a 2 and a half minute margin over Matt Goodall, with Tommy Hayes in 3rd place. A feature of the men’s course was a 3km leg from 4 to 5, and it is argueable that this is where Shamus won it as he recorded the fastest split by spurning the obvious track route along the ridge to drop into the flat valley to the north.

Long Men JWOC

There were also good runs from two of the younger runners with Scott Smith ans Marina Comeskey both finishing 4th in their respective fields.

Results (top 10)

Men: 1. Shamus Morrison 77-23, 2. Matt Goodall 78-57, 3. Tommy Hayes 80-33, 4. Scott Smith 82-56, 5. Devon Beckman 84-05, 6. Cameron de L’Isle 84-12, 7. Ed Cory-Wright 85-11, 8. Callum Hill 87-57, 9. Connor Cleary 89-04, 10. David rawnsley 91-18.

Women: 1. Danielle Goodall 69-17, 2. Sonua Hollands 79-01, 3. Alice Tilley 84-39, 4. Marina Comeskey 86-00, 5. Kayla Fairbairn 88-09, 6. Katie Cory-Wright 90-06, 7. Sophie Harrison 91-58, 8. Lara Molloy 93-33, 9. Briana Steven 96-50, 10. Heidi Stolberger 102-36.

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