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JWOC 2015: All You Need To Know (Kiwi Edition)
By JWOC-2015 - Fri 3 Jul 2015 6:34pm

The Junior World Orienteering Championships (JWOC) start on the 4th July, in Rauland, Norway. There are 302 athletes from 40 countries taking part in the week long event. There is also a Supporters Tour event running alongside the JWOC competition.

2015 New Zealand JWOC Team



Top Row: Gene Beveridge(Coach), Nick Smith, Devon Beckman, Tommy Hayes, Timothy Robertson, Shamus Morrison, Ed Cory-Wright.
Front Row: Kayla Fairbairn, Sophie Harrison, Alice Tilley, Danielle Goodall (Dani), Katie Cory-Wright, Sonia Hollands, Anna Robertson (Manager)

Quick Links:

  1. JWOC 2015 Website –  jwoc2015.org
    • Live streaming video and audio
    • GPS tracking
    • Live split times and results
    • Start lists, race info, and more.
    • If you are using a mobile device to access the JWOC web page, you can also use http://www.porsgrunnol.no/2015jwoc
    • For those who want to watch live, go to for links to live streaming, audio and radio times.
  2. New Zealand JWOC Team Supporters Facebook group
    • NZ contributors Matt Ogden and Jean Cory-Wright will be in the press area getting videos and photos of results and posting them
  3. JWOC 2015 Facebook Page
    • The posts from the JWOC2015 event team
  4. JWOC2015 Bulletin 4
    • Packed full of useful information – the official reference resource.
  5. http://chat.orienteering.org.nz
    • Live chat for the NZ Team Supporters
    • Please note: When you enter the chat, previous messages will not be visible and the chat will appear blank.
  6. JWOC 2015 NZ Team Blog
    • Catch up on what the team have been doing and race reviews.

Race Start Times:

Norwegian time is 10hrs behind NZ time. Current Time in Norway is: 

Long Distance (Thursday 9th July):

Norwegian times:

Long Distance Start times (Norwegian time)
9:01 Katie
9:36 Tommy
10:08 Nick
10:15 Sophie
10:27 Dani
11:36 Ed
11:49 Alice
11:50 Devon
12:11 Sonia (*GPS)
13:11 Kayla (*GPS)
13:40 Tim (*GPS)
14:02 Shamus (*GPS)

NZ times:

7:01pm Katie
7:36pm Tommy
8:08pm Nick
8:15pm Sophie
8:27pm Dani
9:36pm Ed
9:49pm Alice
9:50pm Devon
10:11pm Sonia (*GPS)
11:11pm Kayla (*GPS)
11:40pm Tim (*GPS)
12:02am Shamus (*GPS)


Day JWOC Location JWOC Tour
Saturday 4. July Model event – Sprint/Middle
Opening ceremony
Sunday 5. July Sprint distance
(NZ time: from 9.00 pm)
Rauland Stage 1
Monday 6. July Middle distance – Qualification
(NZ time: from 9.30 pm)
Åmot JWOC Open
Tuesday 7. July Middle distance – Final
(NZ time: A final from 10.00 pm)
Rauland Stage 2
Wednesday 8. July Model event – Long/Relay Rauland Stage 3
Thursday 9. July Long distance
(NZ time: from 7.00 pm)
Friday 10. July Relay
(NZ time: 7.00 pm Men, 8.20 pm Women)

Closing ceremony
Rauland Stage 4
Saturday 11. July Departure Rauland Stage 5


JWOC 2015: All you need to know – World of O

Follow the team and races:

JWOC 2015 NZ Team Blog

  • JWOC 2015 NZ Team Blog – includes blog posts and photos direct from the team members. Each of the team members take turns to write the posts. Links to each new post is announced via RSS, the Orienteering NZ Facebook and Twitter accounts.


  • New Zealand JWOC Team Supporters Facebook group – A closed Facebook group that all supporters can request to join and contribute to on Facebook – sharing team news, updates, photos and more! Join and follow to see all the latest posts in the group.
  • Orienteering NZ Facebook – will be providing NZ JWOC Team news post highlights, photos, and content as well as other international media posts of interest.


New Zealand Supporters Online Live Chat

Live chat for the NZ Team Supporters is available at: http://chat.orienteering.org.nz

Live Chat – Please Note:

  • The live chat user account is different and completely separate to your OrienteeringNZ website user account.
  • To participate in the live chat, please register for a new user account and join in the live chat during the races.
  • This is a public chat forum intended for users of all ages – especially juniors. Please keep this in mind when posting content.
  • Please do not use the same password you use on any other site. This is for your own security and is best practice for all sites. 
  • If you would like a customised profile picture for your live chat account, you need to register with the WordPress Gravatar service https://en.gravatar.com/ 
  • We recommend using the latest version of browsers with this HTML5 live chat service. Firefox Chrome Internet Explorer 11 Safari or other up to date browser.
  • The live chat service is being hosted by Wellington Orienteering Club. Thanks go to Magnus and the Wellington region for setting up and hosting this service for the Orienteering NZ community.


Photos of  NZ Team:

This page will be updated as information becomes available.

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