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By Malcolm Ingham - Tue 12 Jul 2016 10:48am

jwoc_2016_long_menThree of the New Zealand men have finished in the top 25% of the field in the long distance race at JWOV run overnight, with Alice Tilley also producing the best women’sresult in this race since Angela Simpson in 2011.

Starting at over 2000 m in altitude, and with long tricky route choices through the steep rocky slopes with areas of complex detail, the race was always promised to be tough and proved to be so. Despite 3 women in the top 5 and both the gold and silver medals in the men’s race Swiss domination was not complete with Finn Anna Haataja taking the women’s title in a time of 57:37. Alice, in a highly commendable 38th place was only just over 10 minutes behind.

1-2-3 in the men’s race was a repeat of the result in the sprint, with Joey Haldorn winning by 51 seconds from Thomas Curiger and Swede Isac von Krusenstierna in 3rd. Once again Tommy Hayes had an outstanding run to finish 30th, also only just over 10 minutes back, but was shaded by 16 seconds by Shamus Morrison in 28th place. Also making the top quarter of the lareg field was Ed Cory-wright in 43rd.

Men 8.8 km, 450 m climb: 1. Joey Hadorn (SUI) 1:05:01, 2. Thomas Curiger (SUI) 1:05:53, 3. Isac von Krusenstierna 1:07:05, 28. Shamus Morrison 1:16:08, 30. Tommy Hayes 1:16:24, 43 Ed Cory-Wright 1:18:33, 74. Devon Beckman 1:24:33, 79. Matt Goodall 1:25:21, 118. Cameron de L’isle 1:34:58.

Women 6.5 km, 310 m climb:1. Anna Haataja (FIN) 57:37, 2. Valerie Aebischer (SUI) 59:27, 3. Sofie Bachmann (SUI) 1:00:31, 38. Alice Tilley 1:10:10, 72. Katie Cory-Wright 1:19:12, 74. Danielle Goodall 1:20:00, 95. Lara Molloy 1:26:11, 105. Kayla Fairbairn 1:30:38, DNF. Sonia Hollands.

Once again Australia d an outstanding result with Matt Doyle finihsing in 18th pace.

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