New Zealand-based athletes will not be attending WOC in 2021
By Christo Peters - Tue 30 Mar 2021 12:12am
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ONZ - NZ-based athletes will not attend WOC or JWOC in 2021

At the ONZ Council Meeting on Thursday 18th March, a decision was made that New Zealand would not be sending New Zealand-based athletes to either JWOC or WOC in 2021. Whilst unfortunate, the likelihood of this decision and the reasons behind it were signaled at the end of last month in both Compass Point and on the ONZ website –

Athletes were given until the 28th February to inform the Selection Panel of their interest in trialing for either WOC or JWOC.  Athletes who have expressed an interest in trialing will have already been contacted by Alistair Cory-Wright, head of the Selection Panel.

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