Queen’s Birthday Companion Sprint – supporting NZ JWOC Team
By Joolz - Thu 19 May 2022 5:20pm
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Queen’s Birthday Companion Sprint – supporting NZ JWOC Team

The JWOC team are planning a sprint to accompany Queen’s Birthday competitions.

All you need to do to support our New Zealand young athletes in the JWOC team this year is enter the ‘Companion Sprint‘ running along side the Queen’s Birthday events. AND you have an extra week to get organised!

The Queen’s Birthday events deadline is this weekend 22 May, but the Companion Sprints you can enter separately, and the entry deadline is 29 May.

The Queen’s Birthday companion sprint is on the Massey University map being organised by JWOC athletes.

First starts are 9.30 am on Saturday 4th June in order to give participants time to get across to the first World Ranking Event over in Scott’s Ferry.

School participants are strongly encouraged to participate, as performance at this event will inform selectors of the NZ school team about your sprint prowess.

So come and get alongside our young orienteers at a bargain price (better than paying in Euros): Only $NZ15 for juniors and $NZ20 for seniors.

Enter here, and select Companion Sprint: https://entries.wellingtonorienteering.org.nz/

All going to a great cause of supporting NZ’s JWOC team in Portugal! Olá!


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