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Regional Junior Squads
By Malcolm Ingham - Mon 30 Nov 2015 8:51pm
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Orienteering NZ logoAs foreshadowed in last months HP News the next tier below the National Senior and Under-23 squads are Regional Junior squads. These will be part of wider Regional Squads which also include the members of the National Senior and Under-23 Squads. From the start of next year the aim is for the Regional Squads to have regular organized training activities.

The squads have been selected on the basis of the following principles:

  • age range for the Regional Junior Squads is 16-23;
  • in this first year the named squads are very inclusive and therefore large
  •  in future years a commitment to training will be included as a consideration in who remains in, or joins, the squads;
  • athletes have been named in squads according to their home club. As many University age juniors are away from home for much of the year a mechanism will be put in place for these people to be engaged with the squad closest to their place of study. Thus, for example, an AOA member studying in Wellington, will be invited to join in with Central Squad activities.
  •  seniors over 23 and outside the National Senior Squad, and runners from the SuperSeries  teams who run elite and are interested in coaching/trainings will be included in communications and be able to participate in training activities, but are not be named in formal regional squads.

For November 2015 – 31 October 2016 Regional Junior Squads are:

Northern   Central   Southern
Andrei Popovici AOC Bayley Stephens-Ellison HBOC Marisol Hunter DOC
Anna Crosby AOC Briana Massie HBOC Alistair Richardson PAPO
Anna Parsons AOC Carolyn Nel HBOC Briana Steven PAPO
Bianca Mercer AOC David Rawnsley HBOC Cameron Metherell PAPO
Catherine Andrew AOC Dylan Kirk HBOC Connor Cleary PAPO
Hayley Smith AOC Georgia Creagh HBOC Dominic Cleary PAPO
James Crosby AOC Georgia Massie HBOC Felix Harrison PAPO
Jonty Oram AOC Hamish Legarth HBOC Oliver Egan PAPO
Kieran Woods AOC Ieuen Edmonds HBOC Rebecca Batin PAPO
Meghan Drew AOC Jarrod Lobb HBOC Scott Smith PAPO
Ryan Williams AOC Jenna Tidswell HBOC Selena Metherell PAPO
Tessa Boyd AOC Nathan Miller HBOC Stephen Harding PAPO
William Hayes AOC Sean Morrison HBOC Will Richardson PAPO
Adam Good CMOC William MacDonald HBOC
Aleisha Neary CMOC William Tremain HBOC
Angus Eason CMOC Alexandra Riddle OHV
Ellenna Caudwell CMOC Stefan Przychodzko OHV
Kurtis Shuker CMOC Callum Sutherland OT
Matt Stevens CMOC Cory Sutherland OT
Sheena O’Brien CMOC Liam Paterson OT
Thomas Williams CMOC Sassafraz Marshall-Johnson OT
Callum Hill NWOC Tom Spencer OT
Cameron de L’isle NWOC Amelia Horne RK
Daniel Monckton NWOC Ellie Molloy WOC
Flynn Hill NWOC Emma Carruthers WOC
Georgina Dibble NWOC George Engelback WOC
Heidi Stolberger NWOC Joe Lynch WOC
Jula McMillian NWOC Lauren Turner WOC
Kate Salmon NWOC Laurence Hughes WOC
Lauren Holmes NWOC Marina Comesky WOC
Max Griffiths NWOC Matthew Turner WOC
Tegan Knightbridge NWOC Nicholas Moore WOC
Thomas Stolberger NWOC Rebecca Grant WOC
Susan Eatson TOC Sam Middleton WOC
Samantha Hughes WOC
Seb Daellenbach WOC
Simon Teesdale WOC
Stuart Engelback WOC


Over the coming weeks Regional Squad coordinators for each region will be appointed who will lead the organization of training activities in the rgeion and the communications with squad members.


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