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By Malcolm Ingham - Mon 25 Nov 2019 9:34am
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The Junior World Orienteering Championships 2020 will be held in Kocaeli, Turkey from 26 June – 4 July 2020.

Selection Criteria

As per the Orienteering NZ G1 Selection Policy the 2020 JWOC team will be selected on Known Form from the following events.

  • 21/22 March 2020 in Auckland (primary events)
  • ONZ Championships in Manawatu 10-13 April 2020 (secondary events)
  • the 2019 ONZ Championships
  • previous performances at JWOC and other comparable international events.

Athletes will be expected to:

  • have a structured training plan in place by 31 January 2020, and to work with a suitable coach/mentor to follow this.
  • demonstrate the technical ability and level of fitness required to finish in at least the top 50% of the field in at least one of the three individual races;

All athletes interested in selection for the 2020 JWOC team shall notify their interest, year of birth, and cell phone number to the Convenor of Selectors Al Cory-Wright (alistaircorywright@gmail.com) by 1 February 2020.

The team be announced following the Orienteering New Zealand Championships.

For JWOC 2020 the Athlete Contribution Fee is estimated to be NZ$1700 (to be confirmed) and includes team competition costs such as accommodation and travel during the JWOC competition and pre-JWOC camp; Team Staff travel, accommodation and accreditation costs; training maps, etc. It does not include international airfares to/from New Zealand, or elsewhere, to the competition.

Payment of the Athlete Contribution Fee deposit must be made no later than 1 June 2020.

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