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Selection Notice – World Schools Championships Orienteering 2021 (Withdrawn)
By Christo Peters - Fri 28 Feb 2020 2:09pm
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Update (Friday 17 Apr 2020): Due to the current COVID-19 situation and the cancellation of all Orienteering events in the foreseeable future, the existing Selection Notices for the New Zealand Secondary Schools Team 2020 and the World Schools Championships Orienteering 2021 have been withdrawn.  New Selection Notices for these events, if they proceed, will be published at some later date.

Steve Oram
Convenor, Junior Selection Panel



The World Schools Championship Orienteering is scheduled to be held in Belgrade, Serbia, probably during April 2021.  At the time of publication of this selection notice, the exact dates were still unconfirmed.

This Selection Notice is in compliance with the Orienteering NZ Teams Selection Policy 2014.

World Schools Championships Orienteering (WSCO) is held under the auspices of the International School Sport Federation (ISF).

ONZ will select a school in each grade (M1, W1, M2, W2) to compete in the school teams category. The selection for each grade will be for a specific school and not individual runners. It is the responsibility of the selected school to choose which specific runners will make up their team.

The four grades selected have specific age requirements:

  • M2 school teams, boys (born in 2006 / 2007)
  • W2 school teams, girls (born in 2006 / 2007)
  • M1 school teams, boys (born in 2003 / 2004 / 2005) maximum two participants born in 2003
  • W1 school teams, girls (born in 2003 / 2004 / 2005) maximum two participants born in 2003

No exceptions are accepted to the above age criteria.

No “Selected” teams (as defined in the technical rules of WSCO, link below) will be chosen.

Representative School Selection Criteria

Selection for Representative Schools will be based on known form with particular emphasis on performances at the NZ Secondary Schools Orienteering Championships in Hawkes Bay on 16-18 July 2020.

Schools will only be considered for selection if they can comply fully with the ISF regulations for the WSOC. This includes being able to enter a full team as defined by the ISF regulations.

NZ Secondary Schools Orienteering Championships

Orienteering NZ expect all orienteers entered at the NZ Secondary Schools Orienteering Championships to enter in the Championship grade for their current age grades.  No selection preference will be given to orienteers “running up” an age grade.  Relay results will not be considered as part of the selection process.

Availability for Representative School selection

Schools interested in attending WSCO must express their interest via email to Steve Oram, Convenor of the Junior Selection Panel (steveoram@gmail.com) by Thursday 9 April 2020

The email should include the school name, which grades the school wishes to be considered for and a contact person for the school orienteering team (teacher or parent).  Schools may express interest in more than one category.

Schools should also include a list of orienteers, and their year of birth, that they wish to have considered for purposes of selection.  Schools may nominate as many orienteers as they wish providing that they all qualify for a category in which the school has expressed interest.

Orienteering NZ reserves the right to select a replacement Representative School if the original School selected is unable to commit to entering the WSCO. School’s will need to confirm their participation within 1 month of the selected schools being named.


Orienteering NZ expect the selected schools/athletes to self-fund this event.



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