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Shamus flies in MIddle Final
By Malcolm Ingham - Fri 15 Jul 2016 10:08am

Shamus Morrison produced an outstanding run to finish in 9th place in the JWOC Middle Distance Final run in steep, rocky and complex terrain. Notwithstanding a small mistakeon control 5 and what looked like a slightly wavering route choice to number 8, Shamus came into the finish in 4th place and never looked as if he would miss the top 10, backin gup is similar 9th place in the Long Distance in Norway in 2015. Ed Cory-Wight and Tommy Hayes also had strong runs in the complex contour detail finihsinh in highly crediatable 32nad and 41st places respectively. Alice Tilley, the sole Kiwi in the women’s A Final, with an early start, found the going tough and finished in 53rd place. After a frustrating weel so far Devon Beckman and Matt Goodall both hit their straps in the MEn’s B Final finishing 2nd and 6th respectively.

Once again the Men’s race was dominated by the Swiss Thomas Curiger and Joey Hadorn who have filled the top two places in each of the three individual events. In the Women’s Simona Aebersold, also Swiss, picked up her second gold of the week after winning the sprint.

Attention now turns to tonights relay where a focus will be to see if the Men can follow up with the fabulous 6th place achieved in Norway.

Men: 3.6 km, 230 m climb: 1. Thomas Curiger (SUI) 24:21, 2. Joey Hadorn (SUI) 25:10, 3. Audun Heimdal (NOR) 25:32, 9. Shamus Morrison 26:27, 32. Ed Cory-Wright 28:53, 41. Tommy Hayes 30:01

Women: 3.1 km, 190 m climb: 1. Simona Aebersold (SUI) 24:06, 2. Aleksandra Hornik (POL) 25:56, 3. Johanna Oberg (SWE) 26:27, 53. Alice Tilley 36:30

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