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Top runs for Lara and Joseph in JWOC Long
By Malcolm Ingham - Tue 10 Jul 2018 2:32am

Lara Molloy and Joseph Lynch both produced excellent performances in the JWOC Long Distance at Kecskemet, Hungary on Monday. Both mens’ and women’s races had run-away winners in the complex largely open/semi-open terrain, but Lara (31st) and Joseph (45th), in large fields, were only just over 10 minute behind the silver medallists. In the womens race Marisol Hunter, Briana Steven, Meghan Drew and Katie Cory-Wright showed excellent packing to all finish between 74th and 84th, covered by just over 2 minutes. Max Griffiths wais second best man finihsing in 70th place.

The women’s race was won for the second year in a row by Simona Aebersold of Switzerland who, at the beginning of May, also took the bronze medal in the missle distance at the European Championships and World Cup Round 1. Local favourite Zsofia Sarkozy was a surprise silver medallist, while third placed Tereza Janosikova moved up from finishing 7th at JWOC2017. Men’s winner was Norwegian Kasper Fosser  with Mathieu Perrin of France, improving 4 places from 2017, ahead of Czech Republic’s Daniel Vandas.

Men: 1. Kasper Fosser (NOR) 69:25, 2. Mathieu Perrin (FRA) 73:46, 3. Daniel Vandas (CZE) 75:02, 45. Joseph Lynch 84:33, 70. Max Griffiths 89:57, 108. Daniel Monckton 97;37, 126. Will Tidswell 104:54, 129. Callum Hill 105:42, Cameron de L’isle mp

Women: 1. Simona Aebersold (SUI) 54:37, 2. Zsofia Sarkozy (HUN) 59:40, 3. Tereza Janosikova (CZE) 60:33, 31. Lara Molloy 69:53, 74. Marisol Hunter 77:13, 76. Briana Steven 77:30, 81. Meghan Drew 78:21, 84=. Katie Cory-Wright 79:24, 99. Jenna Tidswell 82:39

JWOC continues with the sprint early morning Wednesday in New Zealand. NZL start times (New Zealand time are: Marisol 00:03 (Wednesday), Briana 00:46, Katie 01:19, Lara 01:26, Jenna 02:08, Meghan 02:28, Will 00:11, Callum 00:48, Cameron 00:59, Daniel 01:28, Joseph 02:02, Max 02:25.

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