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Tough JWOC Middle distance takes its toll
By Malcolm Ingham - Sat 14 Jul 2018 7:26am
Middle Terrain

The JWOC middle distance final  proved problematic for the four Kiwis in the A finals, all finishing between 41st and 44th in the respective mens and womens fields. In the mens race in which Swedes finished 1-2-3, Max Griffiths, Cameron de L’isle and Joseph Lynch were almost identically closely grouped in 41st, 42nd and 44 th places respectively. In the womes field Katie Cory-Wright finished similarly in 42nd place. As is commented on the JWOC web page the Kiwis were not the only ones to find trouble in the maze of green….

Today the young athletes finally got the chance to enter heart of the infamous green maze of Bócsa. If that wasn’t enough weather got even hotter than yesterday to set the tone. The combination of the juniper jungle and the heat took it’s toll, not a single runner could say they had a flawless run. Huge mistakes were the norm. The biggest name to have fallen was none other than JWOC princess Simona Aebersold who made a parallel mistake before the arena passage and in the haste of making up for the time loss didn’t see the compulsory route and got disqualified. On the other hand young Swede, Sanna Fast and the Czech Barbora Chaloupska could celebrate their stable runs with silver/gold medal. The loudest cheers definitely went to a 17-year-old tiny Hungarian girl Csilla Gárdonyi who already made a name for herself with a bronze two days ago. But with today’s gold medal she carved her name, along with other surprisingly young winners (I am looking at you Emma Klingenberg ;), in the big book of JWOC-s forever. Csilla took the lead on the second last leg with a daring straight route choice through the greenest of greens. The men’s race wasn’t less exciting either. Many big names didn’t prove to be real maze runners, but three Swedish boys did. Last year juniors Jesper Svensk, Simon Imark and Henrik Johanesson were unbeatable today and secured all men’s medals for Sweden. Guys, we didn’t plan with this many Swedish flags! After this exciting day, we are eager to see what Saturday the 14th brings us.

Men: 1. Jesper Svensk (SWE) 29:22, 2. Simon Imark (SWE) 29:49, 3. Henrik Johannesson ( SWE) 30:08, 41. Max Griffiths 39:40, 42. Cameron de L’Isle 40:17, 44. Joseph Lynch 42:21.

Women: 1. Csilla Gordanyi (HUN) 28:59, 2. Sanna Fast (SWE) 29:07, 3. Barbora Chaloupska (CZE) 29:25,  42. Katie Cory-Wright 41:14.

NZL results in the B finals were Briana Steven – 10th, Jenna Tidswell – 11th, Marisol Hunter – 17th, Lara  Molloy – 36th, Will Tidswell – 24th, while in the C finals Meghan Drew was 17th and Callum Hill and Daniel Monckton 5 th and 6th resepctively.

In Copenhagen on the final day of WMOC – the long distance – Marquita Gelderman again had the top finish of the Kiwis with 8th in W50, while Ross Brighouse was 9th in M75, and Jenni Adams 12th in W45.


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