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1999 WOC team  |  Big little stories for our 50th
By Christo Peters - Fri 29 Sep 2023 11:06am

Photo above back row: Jean Cory-Wright, Shaun Collins, Alistair Cory-Wright, Greg Barbour, Rachael Smith, Antonia Wood, Bruce McLeud (obscured at back holding flag), Alistair Landels, Darren Ashmore. Front row: Baby in stroller with matching t-shirt young Caden Larsen, Sasha McLeod and Jenni Adams. Jean and Alistair Cory-Wright were team managers. 

Photographer: First photo by Marquita Gelderman, and the following three team photos by Madeleine Collins on Shaun’s camera at the opening ceremony at Inverness in Scotland. 

Why was Marquita not in the photo? Marquita was still recovering from breaking her leg 2 years earlier after a tussle with mingmingi. It ended nastily with a posterior cruciate rupture and fractured tibial plateau at the NZ Champs in the Manawatu requiring a helicopter rescue ride out from the event. Who else was not in the above photo? Tania Larsen (or Tania Robinson then) she is probably hiding behind a camera, or behind Marquita’s elbow, but she is in the photo below on the far right with 9 month old Caden. Tania designed all the t-shirts and shared many a room with Jenni in some of the 13 world champs she participated in. Bruce says he had a fantastic time in Scotland, but can’t recall much of the orienteering!

2011 Results – If you want to look up the results from 2011, we found them here. Jenni Adams says “A lot of the people running in those races had kids at JWOC this year.” Ines who is coming to visit New Zealand later this year as a coach –  her father was the bronze medalist in the long event.
Our men’s placings in the classic distance: Carsten Jörgensen was 11th running for Denmark, 33rd Alistair Landels, 45th Bruce McLeod, 46th Darren Ashmore, 52nd Greg Barbour. In the women’s 30th Tania Robinson, 49th Antonia Wood, 56th Jenni Adams. 

In the short event you’ll notice France’s Thierry Gueorgiou in 24th, 43rd Alistair Landels, 49th Bruce McLeod. Yvette Baker won a gold in the women’s short distance and came fourth in the relay running for GBR. And Jenni Adam’s best WOC result was in this event in 25th place, notice. Natasha Key from Australia just behind in 26th, and another Aussie Cassie Trewin in 42nd place with Tania Robinson 47th. 

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