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IOF control description updates come into force next year
By Christo Peters - Sat 4 Nov 2023 7:55pm

The IOF’s international specification for control descriptions has been updated in a version, that applies from 2024 onwards. The new specification was published by IOF’s Rules commission and replaces the current version from 2018. It contains several changes, among them a new symbol for map flip under “Special instructions”.

The list of major changes compared to the 2018-version looks like this:

  • Now covers both ISOM and ISSprOM.
  • Description Sheet should be printed in black.
  • If the clarification symbol in column C is not sufficient to unambiguously define the placement of the control flag then the feature is not suitable for a control site.
  • Use of Copse symbol extended to include a more runnable area of trees surrounded by thicker forest.
  • Use of Building symbol extended to include a pillar supporting a roof.
  • New symbol added for a railway or tramway
  • Use of Top and Beneath symbols extended to include a the Upper or Lower of two levels.
  • New symbol added for a map flip (turn the map over).

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