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By Christo Peters - Wed 2 Nov 2022 9:41pm

his column will be short and sweet this month as I am immersed in planning for the upcoming NZ MTBO Champs and have limited time to write this. It feels great to be planning a major event again, particularly one where people will be coming from overseas – already we have several Australians and even some Danish riders joining us, so along with great maps and an awesome organising team, it is shaping up to be a really good event.

We had a well attended and interesting Presidents Forum recently, and some rich discussions on the importance of financial health in the sport. We pride ourselves in orienteering in having a sport which is affordable and accessible to most people who wish to participate, so the topic of how we ensure we are financially viable at both club and national level, is not something that may be anathema to many. Some interesting insights included that clubs by and large don’t see the need to generate significant income, especially as they rely primarily on volunteer resourcing. The national body on the other hand is highly reliant on the income provided by clubs – levies and affiliation fees account for more than 3/4 of ONZ income, so the national body simply could not function were it not for clubs making money through events and memberships. We explored the topic of levies and different options for how these could be managed, especially in a way that people see as fair, as well as easy to administer. Whilst the meeting didn’t lead to any significant decisions, we did ask that the discussions be taken to the committees in each club, so hopefully many of you will have had a chance to explore this. We look forward to hearing back how these discussions go, and from that whether anything further needs to happen in this space.

Coming up we have a Club Forum planned for later in November, topic to be determined. Council will also be going through our annual business plan in December, which will get shared and consulted on across clubs before confirming the 2023 plan early in the New Year. I know many members choose not to get too involved in that, however it is an important mechanism through which ONZ decides on priorities, but with clear consultant from members on what these should be. All of us on Council are very clear on the importance of being member-led and hearing what is important for people across the sport. It is a very democratic system, so we encourage anyone to get involved if they get the chance. On that, we also wanting to identify people who may be able to join Council in the next 1-2years. Some of our Council members are well into their second term, and despite the immense value each brings, we need to ensure we have a system of renewal where fresh eyes, thinking, and energy are brought in on a regular basis. More on this in due course, but please get in touch if you have an interest in contributing. Pay is crap, but the experience is generally positive – you will get to be part of a great group of people making a difference, navigating the sport at a national level, and plenty of learning to be had around strategy, governance, and sports leadership.

Well my brief column is not so brief after all! I hope to see many of you at the MTBO Champs soon, as well as the Club Forum.

Happy running (and biking!)

Peter Swanson   |   ONZ Chairperson
027 302 4863

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