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What is your National Council up to at the moment? – October 2022
By Christo Peters - Thu 3 Nov 2022 12:19am
In October council approved a proposed new format for deciding personal places at WOC. In simple terms, those that win the 21E categories at the Oceania Champs get personal places at WOC over and above those allocated to their country. With the division of WOC into Sprint in even years and forest in odd years, there OA and ONZ have both agreed that the allocation of these personal places needed to be closer to the event. The plan Council has approved would create a Sprint Oceania Championships in between the current Oceania Championships run every two years. The plan will now be presented to Orienteering Australia, and if approved, will be presented to the IOF for final approval.

Council also discussed the Australia-New Zealand Challenge that will take place at the coming Oceania Champs in Australia next year. As the visiting country, it is our responsibility to choose the full range of categories that will be contested as well as specifying the teams size. This process in underway and is being overseen by the selection panel.

The recent inclusion of former Swiss elite, Florian Schneider as we build towards WOC 2022 was discussed and Council were informed that he had already engaged with approximately 30 of the current ONZ HP group through a recent zoom meeting and that the feedback was very positive.

ONZ Council member and Southern Cross Manager, Guy Cory-Wright provided Council with a brief summary of the Southern Cross Challenge. He told Council that NZ teams placed first and second and that the trip was a success although there were some logistical things that could be improved in future years. Having two of the three coaches come down with Covid part the way through the trip was obviously a challenge. Council formally thanked team management for overseeing what was a successful trip.

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