Southern Cross challenge | Meet the team leaders
By Christo Peters - Fri 29 Sep 2023 11:38am
Southern Cross challenge | Meet the team leaders

We hear from our head coach and logistical head manager who lead our coaching and management teams, supporting our juniors in the Southern Cross team in Western Australia. 

Head coach | Michael Croxford is a self-employed Cartographer, Resource Management Planner, and Sports Administrator. 

I started orienteering in 1988 at Kaiapoi High School after Kath Adams suggested I might enjoy it. I was instantly hooked as it combined my obsession with maps and love of the outdoors. 

I’ve navigated my way around most places in New Zealand and a few trips to Australia too when I was younger and in the last few years. My main passion is mapping and finding new interesting places to develop. 
My main passion is navigating amongst detailed rocky areas. The more intricate the better. I love searching for patterns within the randomness of granite boulder fields and gold mining terrain. I loved Kangaroo Crossing in Victoria and Hill End near Bathurst. 

I’ve been involved with a number of training camps and programmes both locally and nationally. I enjoy watching juniors learning new skills and then successfully incorporating them into their races. I particularly enjoy it when they get the same buzz out of the sport that I do.

Chief organiser |Susanna Carryer is a secondary school English teacher.

Like many others, I got into orienteering through my son. While standing around in the forest, club members encouraged me to give it a go, so I did … and got hooked. I continue to be fascinated by how much I can enjoy something I am so bad at doing. 

My contribution is far more on the organisational side of things. I am secretary of Auckland Orienteering Club and regularly co-ordinate orienteering events. I am also Chair of the Auckland Schools Orienteering Committee, which is a combined effort between the three Auckland orienteering clubs to work with schools to deliver the best orienteering experience to students.

I have worked with children and young people my entire adult life. I began teaching Sunday School and leading youth group at church at the age of 16. I worked as a nanny during my university years, including travelling to Europe with a family with three small boys. After graduation, I worked for the Anglican Church as the National Youth Facilitator for several years, prior to training as a teacher. During my time as youth worker and teacher, I have organised many school trips, including travel to Fiji, Germany and Australia. While I enjoy orienteering myself, my passion for the sport derives from seeing just how beneficial it is for young people, as they develop resilience and independence. I am actively engaged in working to break down the barriers of cost and accessibility facing young people who wish to get involved in the sport.

I don’t really have a favourite map yet, as so far my only overseas experience was in Tasmania in January. When not orienteering, I enjoy reading, sailing and walking. 

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