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2023 Youth Summer orienteering camp| For school years 5-8
By Christo Peters - Fri 29 Sep 2023 11:34am
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What? A parent-led 3 day residential orienteering training camp at the start of the summer holiday.
Who? All keen primary school orienteers, of any level / experience, up to and including yr 8 (yr 4 and below should be accompanied by a parent).
When? Starting ~5pm Friday 15th December, ending ~3pm, Sunday 17th December (exact times TBA)
Where? Accommodation at Spencer Park (Top10 holiday camp) with training events at Spencer Park, Craigieburn Valley and Woodend.
Cost? Small costs ~ $100 including accommodation, transport, maps, coaching and food. Pricing kept low thanks to PAPO, and the parent volunteers we rely on.
What do I do now? Email here now to register your interest and find out more. All parents will be expected to help out in some way, i.e with catering, transport, or as helpers on hand to lead at the camp in various ways.

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