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APOC ’84 – 40th anniversary today
By Christo Peters - Sun 7 Jan 2024 2:34pm

Today is the 40th anniversary of the Asia / Pacific Orienteering Carnival at Naseby organised by the Dunedin Orienteering Club.

Anitra and Ken Dowling (now PAPO members) were the driving force behind the initiative, ably assisted by recent arrivals from the UK, Peter and Sarah Haines. Graham Williams led the organisation and promotion team of Dunedin club members. With 685 competitors, including many from Europe, this event was a major step in the development of our sport in New Zealand.

Results can be found at http://www.orienteeringresults.com/o/nzof/ShowEvent.asp?Event=NZ84&Description=1984,%20APOC,%20ANZ%20Challenge%201984&Count=685&

A surprisingly large number of those competing are still familiar names in NZ Orienteering.

The photos show my map (M21A), the event brochure, the classic Sid Scales cartoon poster, and a bottle from the Muller Thurgau fundraiser.


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