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By Christo Peters - Fri 1 Sep 2023 10:53pm

John Davies and Simon Swaffield  demonstrating PAPO club colours in 2001 in Nasby forest. Photo by B.Collins.
Stuart Payne says of the glowing club attire in the photo “we all thought we looked really cool at the time.. we chose these colours because the purple and pink initials were P&P, like the P and P in Peninsula and Plains of the name PAPO.”
This all seems like a very unusual argument for the colour choice, and doesn’t explain the triangular bright colour blocking. It was obviously a reaction to earlier PAPO club colouring that was considered a bit too camoflaged in the forest. The previous PAPO colours were rust and grey – they certainly moved away from natural colours. 
Stuart says of the current PAPO club colours,  “I think black and red is a much better choice”.  

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