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JWOC Blog 8 – News from Norway
By JWOC-2015 - Tue 30 Jun 2015 1:06am
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Before meeting up with the team in Oslo, Dani, Kayla, Tommy, Devon and I had a couple of days in Sweden in the small town of Lund. We were able to find a sprint map close to where we were staying, which consisted of buildings and small patches of forest which helped us recover from jet lag.

One of the highlights was taking the train into Copenhagen where we spent the day visiting small churches,  The Little Mermaid, Christiansborg Palace and of course Tivoli Amusement park – the second oldest in the world !


IMG_0809 (1)


We are now in Rauland, and have been acclimatising to the terrain. We can still see the snow on the mountains and even went sledging down one of the slopes behind our cabin !


Dani and her sled!

In the terrain, I have found that the marshes are key features to use. Although they are physically draining (like running in sand dunes) they are obvious navigational features. For the rest of this week, we are continuing training in the area, with tomorrow being the long simulation. More teams are starting to arrive as the competition week fast approaches. We are all looking forward to what the competition week will hold!



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