NZ Orienteering Quiz – August 2023
By Christo Peters - Fri 1 Sep 2023 10:05pm
50 years - Orienteering NZ

This year we’ll find ways to test your knowledge about orienteering in New Zealand to celebrate our 50th year anniversary. The answers will be after the ‘Last points’ at the end of this news email. (You may need to click on the three dots at the base, to see the full newsletter). 

Many thanks to Bryan Teahan’s ongoing work to compile a history of ONZ this year. If you have any memorabilia, photos, or old programmes etc, do pass them on. This month’s theme is around WOC, JWOC, World Games, and World Cup.

Q1: Name all our top 3 placings at JWOC. Who, Which, What, Where and When?

Q2: Name all our top 3 results at World Cups hosted in New Zealand. Who, Which, What, Where and When?

Q3: Name all our top 3 places at World Games. Who, Which, What, Where and When?

Q4: Name all our In top 3 at WOC. Who, Which, What, Where and When?

Q5: Cool Photo. What event, What city, What country and What Year was this photo taken?

Q6:  Bonus question – put a name to the faces and match to event, location and year.

Answers can be found here

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