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By Christo Peters - Tue 3 May 2022 6:49pm


First things first, big congrats to the organising team at Nelson Orienteering Club for hosting what sounded like a fantastic NZ Foot Orienteering Champs. By all accounts the event was a great success, with some outstanding terrain, good maps and courses, and even the weather gods smiled. Unfortunately I was not able to personally attend, due to my wife kids and I all succumbing to Covid in the days leading up to the event – something I know others were affected by as well. However, I heard enough from people at the event to know it was a great success, so big thanks to all the helpers and organisers – I know it is a huge effort, made the harder by the uncertainty around Covid. Congrats also to all the 2022 NZ Champions and place getters as well, and great to see the season kick off, this year with more certainty ahead than what we have seen since 2019!

This week ONZ has it’s Annual General Meeting. I know this isn’t something that necessarily excites all orienteers, and certainly doesn’t create the same anticipation that a National Champs does! However it is an important event insomuch as it is through this and the Annual Report that we can review the year that’s been, both in terms of ONZ activity, as well as the sport as a whole. Whilst 2021 (and 2020) had many challenges, there was still plenty of positive things happening, including participation rates continuing to increase even despite the covid disruptions. If you can’t make it to the AGM, I encourage all members to read the Annual Report – it’s a good read, made better by a fantastic layout and graphics, courtesy of our newest recruit, Joolz Moore who has come on board as ONZ’s new marketing and promotion person. You might even be surprised at the breadth of activity that ONZ is involved in, and which levy’s pay for. Hopefully what will come through in reading it, is the Councils commitment to delivering value and serving member and club needs.

I look forward to seeing some of you at the AGM, and others at future events coming up. I’m especially looking forward to the Queens Birthday event Wellington Orienteering is putting on, so see you there!

Happy running

Peter Swanson
Ph 027 302 4863
Email onz-chair@orienteering.org.nz

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