ISOM2017 Mapping Changes for NZ Orienteering – Mappers Resources Published
By ONZ Online Coordinator - Roger Woodroofe - Fri 21 Jul 2017 5:42pm
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With the introduction of the new ISOM2017 International Specification for Orienteering Maps (non-sprint), the Orienteering NZ Mapping Committee have prepared two information summaries. One for participants, and one for mappers.

  1. For Participants: 2017 Changes to our Mapping Standards
  2. For Mappers and Event Organisers: Advice to Mappers for Changes to our Maps

The change to the new mapping specification affects orienteering participants only a little.

Mappers starting a completely new project need to become acquainted with the changes, and then it’s easy.

For Mappers updating maps to the new ISOM2017 specification there is a lot more work “under the bonnet” to convert existing maps to the new specification and take advantage of many tiny changes that are designed to improve legibility.

The ONZ Mapping Committee has published advice for mappers, and a couple of useful resources.

  • Mappers are advised to consult the Mapping Resources section of the ONZ website.
  • Clubs should recognise that mappers will need to do a lot of work to progressively convert often-used maps, and the results will be quite subtle. Be nice to them!

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