ONZ Compass Point – July 2020
By ONZ Online Coordinator - Roger Woodroofe - Wed 8 Jul 2020 8:09pm
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ONZ Compass Point – July 2020

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July 2020 – GM’s Foreword

Hi all,

Welcome to another issue of Compass Point. Since our last newsletter most club events have been able to be run as normal. Like other organisations we have faced a number of rescheduling challenges. Despite this, I am pleased to report that nearly all of our major events will take place this year and we are aiming to confirm all major events for 2021 within the next month.

These are indeed challenging times It needs to be acknowledged that the remainder of this year is a step into the unknown. Financial means for individuals to get around the country to events and the ability for clubs to gain the funding needed to run many events have both been seriously impacted by Covid-19. While ONZ has been mindful of this when rescheduling events, we do accept that there is no perfect solution.

In this issue:


Christo Peters


View from the Chair

Coming out of lockdown clubs have been quick to snap back into operational mode, putting on events and rebuilding their calendars again. Great to see and it just shows the real strength of our sport – we are really good at running events and mobilising people around these. Anecdotally, numbers attending events are looking great, and talking with event organisers in other sports as well as within orienteering, we are seeing a real surge of people entering and participating in events. It is like the champagne cork has popped out of the bottle post lockdown, and there is an effervescent surge of people wanting to live life and do events again! As the national body we keep reasonably close tabs and connections with what is happening internationally, and we can tell you that NZ is one of the very few places in the world right now where orienteering is almost back to normal and in that sense we are extremely fortunate. The big challenge is how best to shape calendars for the rest of the year, weighing up the different factors and in some cases making compromises to fit things in – something both clubs and the national body are addressing.

At a national level we are making progress on a number of areas we identified as important in our business plan. Firstly, we are continuing to look at how we develop resources that can assist clubs to access knowledge and resources that they might find useful. To that end the Council have agreed to trial a new role within ONZ titled Training Coordinator. This will be a part time role whose focus will be on building a training and knowledge system which will make it easier to share resources with clubs, to source resources that can be shared (much already exists within the club network), and support ONZ committees and role holders to deliver training. This could be a great part time role for someone who has a passion for knowledge and training systems and delivery. I urge you to either put your name forward if that is you, or prompt anyone else to put their name forward if you think they have these skills and interests.

The second area we are focusing on at Council level is starting to build a view on the future of the sport, and in particular how we could balance the interests of the different stakeholder groups that are involved in running orienteering events. We know that one of the real strengths of orienteering is the federated model, which balances local club needs and interests with those at the national level. The federated model has allowed us to invest in high performance, junior development, team selection, maintaining standards, and providing an over arching view and leadership that strengthens the sport. However there are stakeholders running events at the fringes or outside of the federated model who also deliver events and offer value and who will increasingly play a part in map sports in NZ. We recognise that the future of the sport can be enhanced if we are able to keep the strengths of the federated model, but also meet the interests of the different stakeholder groups. It is complex, but there will be a way to do this, and first steps will be in engaging with the different stakeholder groups on this. Consequently we have started to engage with stakeholders on this, and are keen to also bring clubs into the conversation as part of the process of understanding the issues, opportunities, and what the future might hold. Two opportunities are planned for clubs to be engaged in this; 1) a President’s call is planned for August/September and an invite will go out to club Presidents this next week, 2) a club forum is planned to take place at the Nationals (Labour weekend), where any club member is invited to participate in discussion on this topic.

We hope these areas are of interest to members, and look forward to connecting with many of you on any of these topics soon. In the meantime happy orienteering, and do get in touch with myself, Christo, or any of the Council members or ONZ people if you have any questions or feedback.

Pete Swanson

Ph 027 302 4863
Email onz-chair@orienteering.org.nz

Junior Camp 2020 – Nelson

Junior Camp 2020 - Nelson

The Junior Camp may well be the most coveted event on the national junior calendar. Over the last five years camp numbers have averaged eighty attendees and have been hosted all over the country. Shortly ONZ will be asking for applications from those wanting to attend this year’s camp in Nelson. Changes approved recently mean that this year’s camp may be the biggest camp ever run.

Changes to the Junior Camp

Feedback from ONZ’s annual business meeting in late 2019 identified a desire to evolve the junior camp. Since this time meetings, reports and a council subcommittee have provided clarity of the purpose and intent of the camp. Earlier this month several changes were made to how the camp will operate. These include a new selection band of year 9 to 13 students. The Junior Development Committee are currently re-writing the entry criteria which will be out shortly. Once these are circulated, all applicants who meet the entry criteria will be invited to attend the camp as long as their club is confident that they can work at the expected level.

This means that there will be no limit on attendees who meet the entry criteria. Because numbers are no longer going to be capped at eighty, there will be two possible scenarios for running the camp – a five day camp with up to eight participants (the current model) or the splitting of the week into two separate camps based on participant age. ONZ will work to keep all participants informed of the options and possible costs involved for each option.

Looking for 2020 Camp Manager and Lead Coach

ONZ is looking for expressions of interest in two key positions required for running our Junior Camp – Camp Manager and Lead Coach. Please note that there is no obligation for these positions to be filled by members of the host club. Any questions about the positions can be sent to the gm@orienteering.org.nz This year both the U23 and Junior Camps are being held in Nelson with the support of the Nelson Orienteering Club.

Full Position Description: ONZ Junior Camp Role Descriptions (PDF 198KB)
Applications close: Friday 17 July 2020 email to gm@orienteering.org.nz

NZ Orienteering Championships 2020

NZ Orienteering Championships 23-26 October 2020 - It's back on!

Orienteering Wellington would like to invite you to attend the rescheduled NZ Orienteering Championships at Labour Weekend (23-26 October 2020) in the Manawatū. We’re looking forward to a great weekend of events but at this stage there are a few things that we ask you to keep in mind:

  • We intend to run all four events — Sprint, Middle, Long and Relay, but the exact details are still to be confirmed.
  • Entries will open in July, when we have confirmed the event schedule and times.
  • SI Air+ can now be used by all classes at all events. A supply of SIACs will be available to rent from Orienteering Wellington as part of the entry process.
  • Event locations are as previously advised: Pit Park, Waitarere, Scotts Ferry and Whirokino. See locations and embargoes for more information.
  • Entry prices are as previously advised: Maximum $155 for senior and $115 for junior if entering all four events, with the family rate capped at 2 adults and 3 children.
  • A prize giving and social event will be held on the Sunday evening.
  • Previous recipients of trophies please bring these with you, or if you aren’t planning to attend this year please pass them on to someone who is.

We’ve also had to make a few changes due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Our precautions include:

  • There will be no shared water facilities at the event centres, and no food trucks. However, we are hoping to have a coffee cart!
  • NZ COVID Tracer QR codes will be available at each event centre. We do not collect this data but ask that you scan these to facilitate the Ministry of Health’s contact tracing program.
  • Everything is contingent on all of New Zealand being at COVID-19 Alert Level 1 (or lower) from 29 July until Labour Weekend.

All being well, we look forward to seeing you in the forest!

Training Coordinator

Orienteering New Zealand (ONZ) is currently focused on improving how it provides knowledge resources and training for orienteering clubs and members. We are looking for a skilled and capable person who can help develop a platform and framework which will enable clubs to access training and knowledge resources that will make it easier for them to run events, train and coach orienteers, and effectively manage their clubs. The role will be focused on building a framework and system that enables information to be shared (much of which already exists in pockets across the club network), as well as coordinating training which other people may deliver.

This is a national role, currently offered on an initial three month trial basis, which can be based anywhere in NZ. The reason for the three month term is so we can test this approach before committing to a longer term contract. The ideal candidate will be someone who is passionate about the sport of orienteering and who is keen to make a difference. They would ideally have the following attributes:

  • Strong knowledge and experience in orienteering
  • Knowledge and experience in training and development
  • Ability to establish and implement systems and processes,
  • Good networker and linker (links people to information and resources)
  • Familiar with platforms and knowledge sharing systems, apps and tools, and comfortable with the general digital/IT environment.

The role is 10hrs week and is for a fixed period of 3 months. If the role is successful it will be extended to a longer term after the 3 month trial period. The role is being offered on a contractor basis, allowing the successful candidate to do other work outside this contract.

The job description can be found at:

For more information and to apply, please contact Christo Peters, GM Orienteering NZ at gm@orienteering.org.nz

2020 National Junior Teams

Selection of 2020 Southern Cross and NZ Schools Teams

2020 has been a year of cancellations on the international stage. The annual Southern Cross Challenge with Australia has been cancelled, and with it the opportunity for selection in our national secondary school teams. After consultation with the Junior Selection Panel, ONZ has decided to name a paper team for 2020. The qualification event will be confirmed in the next month, but is likely to be the NZSS Championships being held in October.

2021 Aust/NZ Secondary School Test

On years that New Zealand hosts the Oceania Champs we have traditionally hosted a Aust/NZ Test as part of the lead-up events for this event. Negotiations to host, manage and control this event have been underway for a number of months and we are close to confirming the format for the test which would take place in January 2021. Earlier this month representatives from NZ and Aus Orienteering met and decided that a decision on the test going ahead would be made by both countries by the end of August 2020. If the event does go ahead, the team is expected to be selected at the same time as the Southern Cross Team. If the event does not go ahead, no paper team will be named.

Medal Design Competition

Medal Design Competition

Design the new NZSS Medals

At the June 2020 ONZ Council Meeting, Orienteering New Zealand undertook to provide medals for the Nationals, New Zealand Secondary School Championships and NZ MTBO Championships. MTBO and Nationals both have existing logos that will be used in the design of their medals but the NZSS Champs does not.

For this reason ONZ is holding a short sharp school holiday competition to design the medals for the NZSS Champs. The artist(s) responsible for the design that is chosen will receive a $100 Macpac voucher. There are a few guidelines for medal entries:

  • Round, Oval or Square medal designs (see below)
Medal Examples
  • A maximum of two colours (plus the colour of the metal)
  • The design should include either the ONZ Logo or the words “Orienteering New Zealand”

Entries should be sent to gm@orienteering.org.nz and close on Sunday 19th July 2020 (the end of the July School Holidays).

ONZ Decision on Attending JWOC2020

Orienteering New Zealand Decision on attending Junior World Orienteering Champs JWOC 2020 - Turkey

Orienteering New Zealand has made the decision not to send a team to Turkey for JWOC 2020. This decision was made reluctantly knowing that New Zealand athletes will miss out if the event does go ahead. Athlete safety and fairness were paramount in reaching this decision. It is also worth noting that Orienteering Australia reached the same decision independently before their country’s recent spike in covid cases.

ONZ has expressed concern to the IOF that they have not made the decision to cancel this event like nearly all of the other events on their international calendar. Hosts Turkey have 17,000 current cases of COVID-19 (136 deaths in the last week alone) and the pandemic is continuing to grow internationally.

Concerns about team safety were also exacerbated by serious logistical considerations such as the inability to gain travel insurance, uncertainty about travel arrangements (flight availability etc) and the high probability of athletes choosing not to attend.

The IOF is due to make a decision on JWOC going ahead by August 10. If the decision is to cancel, the IOF has stated an expectation that the 2021 JWOC should incorporate a special category for contestants who are no longer eligible but would have been able to compete in 2020.

Major Events

Major Events

2020 New Zealand Major Events Calendar

September 2020

Sat 26 to Mon 29 – North Island Secondary School Championships

October 2020

Thu 8 to Sat 10 – New Zealand Secondary School Championships
Fri 23 to Mon 26 – New Zealand Championships (Nationals)

November 2020

Sat 7 & Sun 8 – Auckland Regional Championships
Fri 13 to Sat 15 – South Island Regional Championships
28 & 29 – Central Regional Championships

December 2020

Sun 6 to Fri 11 – U23 Camp
Sun 13 to Fri 18 – Junior Camp


South Island Secondary School Championships 2020 have been cancelled (as advised in May)
NZSS Rogaine Championships 2020 (run through RNZ)

2020 International Events Calendar

October 2020

Fri 2 to Thu 8 – World Mountain Bike Orienteering Championships (WMTBOC)

Cancelled/Not attending

World Orienteering Championships 2020 (WOC).
Orienteering World Cup 2020 (OWC)
Junior World Championships 2020 (JWOC) – ONZ has made a decision not to attend (see previous article)
World University Orienteering Championships 2020 (WUOC)
Australian Championships 2020 meaning no Southern Cross Challenge this year.

Nationals 2021 Embargoed Areas

Nationals 2021 Embargoed Areas

North West Orienteering Club looks forward to hosting next year’s NZ Foot Orienteering Championships over the Easter weekend, Friday 2 April until Monday 5 April 2021. We are gearing up for a compact event, with limited distances between race venues. Maps of the embargoed areas listed below can be found on the 2021 nationals website – https://www.nwoc.org.nz/nzoc2021/


The Sprint is planned on a high school or university campus, with three venues on the North Shore of Auckland currently under consideration: Long Bay, Massey University and Rangitoto College. From 6 July 2020, all three areas are under embargo to any potential participant in NZOC2021 until further notice.

Forest Events

The Long (Saturday 3 April 2021), Middle (Sunday 4 April 2021) and the Relay (Monday 5 April 2021) will all be held on South Head, in Woodhill Forest and adjacent land, as defined by the map below. From 6 July 2020, this area is under embargo to any potential participant in NZOC2021 until the Championship. As a reminder, all this land is privately owned and NWOC does not support or condone any access to private land outside of organised events, unless the access has been authorised in advance by the landowner.

Keep Informed

Planning of the event is still in its early stages, but information is added to the dedicated website once it becomes available. We will regularly be sending updates on NZOC2021 as the preparation continue, landowner letters are signed and controllers/setters are confirmed.
Please feel free to sign-up to receive these updates via the website or follow us on Facebook.

Contact Details

Website: www.nwoc.org.nz/nzoc2021
Email: nzoc2021@gmail.com
Facebook: nzoc2021

We Want Your Feedback About Compass Point

We Want your feedback about Compass Point

Compass Point is Orienteering New Zealand’s member newsletter and we want to hear your feedback about what you want to see in it. Please take the time to tell us what you think – what we are doing well, things that could be improved and things you would like to see added. The survey will take you approximately two minutes to complete. – https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/BLGWDDS

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Updated: 16:12 Thu 9 Jul – Correction to event dates for U23 Camp and Junior Camp

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