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2016 New Zealand JWOC Team
By NZ JWOC Team - Wed 01 Jun 2016

Introducing the 2016 NZ JWOC team, youngest to oldest, ladies before gentlemen.

New Zealand Mountain Running Champs
By NZ JWOC Team - Thu 19 May 2016

Last weekend 4 of the team members, Tommy, Ed, Alice and myself, travel to Queenstown to race in the New Zealand Mountain Running Champs. The race was based in central Queenstown, starting from the base of the Gondola, and traversing up a vehicle access track, before moving onto some tight single track in the forest, […]

The Road to the Mountains
By NZ JWOC Team - Tue 17 May 2016

There’s only 24 hours in a day, 7 days in a week and less than 8 weeks till JWOC 2016 now. Unfortunately, when you factor in university, travel to university, sleeping and eating that only leaves a little time to train even when you multitask eating, sleeping and university (oops). But somehow the long sessions […]

Edwardo Cutz
By JWOC-2015 - Wed 01 Jul 2015

As the second day’s training in Rauland came to a close Tim Robertson decided he needed a haircut. But where, in a ski town, in summer you might ask.

JWOC Long Distance Simulation – Sauraai
By JWOC-2015 - Wed 01 Jul 2015

On a stunning day in Rauland we headed out to one of the nicest maps of the area for our Long Distance Simulation Race.

JWOC Blog 8 – News from Norway
By JWOC-2015 - Tue 30 Jun 2015

Before meeting up with the team in Oslo, Dani, Kayla, Tommy, Devon and I had a couple of days in Sweden in the small town of Lund. We were able to find a sprint map close to where we were staying, which consisted of buildings and small patches of forest which helped us recover from […]

JWOC Blog 7 – News from Northwest
By JWOC-2015 - Thu 11 Jun 2015

photo: Tommy, Alice and I fundraising at a rogaine It is less than a month out till JWOC, and it seems crazy how quickly time has flown from trials (which I ended up just watching), to nationals, to now! I cannot believe how soon it actually is, and whilst I am very nervous, the experience I gained […]

JWOC 2015 NZ Team - casual training
2015 New Zealand JWOC Team
By Anna Robertson - Thu 28 May 2015

Introducing the 2015 New Zealand JWOC Team. Profiles, pictures, and background information…

GRAM map
JWOC Blog 5 – Weekend Adventures on the Mainland
By JWOC-2015 - Wed 27 May 2015

The JWOC crew down in Christchurch have been busy. Competing in both the Geraldine Rogaine Autumn Muster (GRAM) 6 hour last weekend and the Mt Isobel Challenge on the 23rd.

Shamus Morrison
JWOC 2015 blog post 4 – The Moose
By JWOC-2015 - Fri 15 May 2015

My training build up for JWOC has been a bit harder mentally this year so far than in previous years. Over a month ago was nationals; I had been training well and was feeling confident in how my fitness and navigation had been progressing. After results from nationals which I could be content with I […]

JWOC Blog Post 3- Sonia Hollands
By JWOC-2015 - Wed 13 May 2015

Another adventure in foreign terrain has once again begun, since JWOC trials in March time has flew by in a blink of an eye and with only 7 weeks till my departure every training session will count and benefit me.

JWOC 2015 blog post 2 – Cameron Tier
By JWOC-2015 - Mon 11 May 2015

Maybe the course director had a point when he said Engineering was full time degree. I even laughed complacently at the 40hours of study he recommended a week whilst thinking of the pedestrian effort I put in last year. 7 weeks later and I think he may have had a point…Just look how long it’s […]

JWOC 2015 Blog Post 1 – Tim Robertson
By JWOC-2015 - Wed 29 Apr 2015

Photo Credit:  Foto: Carsten Nøhr Nielsen / Frame The Action After returning home from a four month trip to Europe last year with no plans of what I wanted to do this year, (let alone my future!) I knew I had some serious planning to do. I didn’t want to jump straight into university like […]

Nick Hann, Tim Robertson & Shamus Morrison celebrating their successful relay result.
2014 JWOC Relay – Another Podium Finish
By Anna Robertson - Mon 28 Jul 2014

Photos to tell the story of the successful relay day…. Thunderstorms and a downpour of rain for the start of the relay Wet weather is Tim Robertson’s favourite orienteering condition… Shamus Morrison ran a strong race to maintain the team’s position in amongst the leaders. And Nick Hann smashed out an outstanding run to bring […]

Middle JWOC2014 Final
Podium placing for Nick Hann
By Anna Robertson - Sun 27 Jul 2014

Nick Hann’s hard work, determination, strength through challenging terrain and superb navigational skills have earned him a fantastic 5th place in the 2014 JWOC Middle Distance final. CONGRATULATIONS NBH!  

JWOC Middle Qualification
By Anna Robertson - Sat 26 Jul 2014

A sunny day for the middle qualification, so we were glad for the 10.00am start so that we did not have to run in the heat. The middle qualifier always passes quickly as there are 3 runners beginning at the same time. There are 3 courses and the fastest 20 on each course qualify for […]

JWOC Long Distance
By Anna Robertson - Sat 26 Jul 2014

The thunderstorms continued through the previous night so we were relieved to see clear weather for the Long distance day – though we were not confident it would last in the mountain area. We had an early start with the early runners needing to be at 6.50am bus. The terrain was hilly pine forest between […]

NZ Team JWOC2014 Sprint Medal
JWOC Sprint
By Anna Robertson - Sat 26 Jul 2014

The athletes were quarantined in the Samakov Arena – a large complex with several levels. The warm up area was inside on the basement floor and the prestart was also inside the building. The athletes could hear the thunder outside and the earlier runners had the advantage of dry conditions. The heavy rain had spectators […]

Sprint Debrief – The Best Of Both Worlds (Updated)
By ONZ Online Coordinator - Roger Woodroofe - Wed 23 Jul 2014

Well what can I say, this was my first ever JWOC race and I’ve been caught out unlucky.  Mixed emotions flow through my body and trying to encapsulate this experience is hard. I feel frustrated at the “would’ve” situations that lie right in front of me yet what a hell of a race. Technically I […]

Sprint Medals - Piotr Parfianowicz Poland, Tim Robertson New Zealand, Anton Johanson Sweden
Sprint Gold Medal – Tim Robertson
By Anna Robertson - Wed 23 Jul 2014

Download the OreinteeringNZ Media Release: Robertson Wins Gold – Media Release 23 July 2014 Thunderstorms did not prevent Tim Robertson from backing up his 2013 Bronze medal with a 2014 JWOC Gold medal in Samokov, Bulgaria   Download the OrienteeringNZ Media Release: Robertson Wins Gold – Media Release 23 July 2014

Follow NZ Team at JWOC 2014
By ONZ Online Coordinator - Roger Woodroofe - Tue 22 Jul 2014

The 2014 Junior World Orienteering Championship races start Tuesday night (Tues 22nd July, 7pm NZST) with the Sprint. JWOC2014 is being held in Borovets, Bulgaria. New Zealand has a team of 6 women and 6 men plus coach and team manager. In addition, several kiwis have travelled to support the team. The New Zealand JWOC 2014 […]

Technical Model Event
The Day Before
By ONZ Online Coordinator - Roger Woodroofe - Tue 22 Jul 2014

The teams have arrived, the flags are raised, start lists are up, and you can count the hours until your start. This is the period when nerves start to set in. A morning jwalk around the long model map served well to keep our minds off the competition. The forest floor is very clean for […]

Rest Day(s)
By Anna Robertson - Tue 22 Jul 2014

While the team enjoyed a sleep in and late breakfast, Karen Blatchford and I headed up on the gondola to run/walk as far up Mt Musala (2925m) as we could go before lunch. The altitude made us quite breathless when we ran – well, that is what we told ourselves when we were wheezing and […]

Rest Day Shenanigans
By ONZ Online Coordinator - Roger Woodroofe - Mon 21 Jul 2014

Sunday was a full rest day here in Borovets for the NZ and Aussie teams, with a rally just down the road to keep the boys occupied for the morning and also keeping us here with the road into the hotel being closed. The girls went for a walk into Borovets town to have a […]

Middle Distance Control
Orienteering in Greenland
By Anna Robertson - Mon 21 Jul 2014

Every year in Greenland around the end of June, the Ilulissat Orienteering Club (IOG) holds the Arctic Midnight Orienteering Competition, which comprises a short, middle and ultra long race. I travelled this year via Copenhagen and Kangalussat to this extraordinary destination to see what it was all about – and I wasn’t disappointed. Ilulissat is […]

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